EP. 28- HOW TO LOSE THE LAST 10 POUNDS part 1- The 5 things you’re still eating that are keeping you 10 pounds over your ideal healthy weight.


Understand WHY you are 10 pounds over your ideal weight.
It’s extremely important for you to understand the reasons why you haven’t been able to LOSE THE LAST 10 POUNDS.
When it comes to the last 10 pounds, you’re going to have to address things that maybe you haven’t wanted to in the past. Maybe things that you tried to address in the past but weren’t able to for some reason or another. Or perhaps, you didn’t even realize these the following things are what have been keeping you from losing the last 10 pounds and achieving your ideal weight.

So here they are…
The 5 reasons you haven’t lost those last 10 pounds

#1 Sugar & Flour:
They spike INSULIN which is the hormone in our bodies responsible for storing fat.
They both cause inflammation and weight gain. They mess up the hunger/satiation signals in our bodies that normally keep us from overeating. They activate dopamine reward systems, which reinforce addictive behavior patterns.

#2- Snacking:
This means ALL and ANY unnecessary food. Here are some examples- eating when you’re not hungry, eating for entertainment, eating for socialization purposes on holidays and weekends or any other special event, and obligatory eating (not being able to say no. it can be hard to say no to sweet little grandmas homemade pies!)
ALL of these extra and unnecessary calories contribute to keeping those LAST 10 POUNDS on your body.

#3- Artificial Sweeteners:
Diet Sodas, sugar-free beverages, excessive gum. All of these trick your taste receptors and your body into thinking that it has just consumed and is processing regular sugar, which means it has all the same consequences as regular sugar. Spiked insulin response, inflammation, weight gain, etc. On top of that, artificial sweeteners also really mess with your bodies hunger/satiation signals and highly over stimulate neuro-receptors, which basically means its also highly addictive. These also are dehydrating, making it harder to lose weight. For weight loss (especially the LAST TEN POUNDS its necessary to be well hydrated, well nourished and well rested).

#4- Alcohol:
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But alcohol is not of the most sabotaging things you can do for that LAST TEN POUND weight loss. It literally sabotages weight loss by slowing down you metabolism. Alcohol also metabolized lean muscle, which means you will burn less fat! (Lean muscle burns fat) and of course it also spikes insulin, causing fat storage and weight gain, and inflammation. Not to mention it is also dehydrating. Absolutely think about it twice before you decide yo have a drink with your dinner if you’re trying to LOSE THE LAST 10 pounds.

#5 Emotional Eating/Comfort Foods:
Stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness…. these are big reasons why women open up a pint of Cookies N Cream or a box of Oreos. We love to drown or sorrows or calm our nerves with snacks, and delicious-sweet-greasy- comfort foods. That’s exactly why they call them comfort foods. But as you can see, these sugar and calorie laden foods absolutely get in the way of achieving your ideal weight. Most people are not well equipped to manage uncomfortable emotions, so we go to food. But that always just makes things worse with the negative consequence of weight gain. It’s important that you learn new and more healthy/effective tools to manage uncomfortable and intense emotions WITHOUT FOOD in order TO LOSE THOSE LAST 10 POUNDS.

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