Ep. 95- The #1 MISTAKE you’re making to perpetuate your weight struggle & stay stuck without results.

Welcome to a powerful episode of The Last 10 Podcast. Today I will be talking about the number one thing that perpetuates the struggle. If you can change this one thing, you will be incredibly pleased. This one thing is delay.

You may think you are not delaying but if you aren’t where you want to be, you are more than likely delaying. Delaying means a period of time where something is late or postponed. You choose to delay. Starting tomorrow is a major form of delaying.

The only moment you can make a decision is now. It’s the decisions you make now that give you results tomorrow. Think about what this sounds like for you? How are you delaying? Any time you delay the choices that will get you closer to your goal, you are delaying your progress.

If you don’t want to keep perpetuating the struggle for yourself, that means you really need to be on to yourself and you need to pay attention to your thoughts, specifically delaying thoughts like “I will start tomorrow”.

Our bodies need time. Start making the decisions today, in this moment that align with your goals. You can’t cheat it or overnight it. If you stop delaying, you will see results sooner. The only time we have to create these results is now. Change requires change. Are you ready and willing to stop choosing delay?

In this episode:

  • What does delay sound like
  • Why do we delay
  • “I’ll start tomorrow”
  • How delaying perpetuates the struggle
  • Daily delays
  • Monthly delays
  • Creating results for tomorrow
  • Choosing change

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