EP. #70- Scheduling Comfort


EP. #70- Scheduling Comfort

Today I am going to talking about everything related to comfort. What does comfort have to do with losing the last 10 pounds you might ask. It has a lot to do with it, more than you may have ever realized or ever considered.

Close your eyes. Visualize a future that you love and a life experience you love. Take a moment and close your eyes right now. Imagine four months from now. You no longer struggling with food, feeling out of control, feeling restricted or deprived, no food struggles. You feel great about your ability to follow through and are full of energy. Chatter about food in your brain is no longer an issue.

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Many times we make associations with food. Food is the release, relief, comfort, relaxation or way to unwind. Although, what really is relaxation? What is comfort? They are feelings. Food does not create our feelings; our thoughts create our feelings. Many women want to feel safe, we want to experience the feeling of safety, everything is okay, I am okay, it’s going to be okay.

Our thoughts enable us to generate comfort, safety and relief for ourselves without giving food that job. It’s not foods job to make use feel safe or comfortable. If that was the foods job, we would feel better. Although, it doesn’t work and you don’t feel better. You usually end up feeling worse. Food is simply a distraction. For most people, it feels guilty and regretful.

In order to change your life, it is necessary to choose the uncomfortable thing. New results require new action. I recommend planning comfort, schedule it for yourself in ways that don’t involve food.

On this episode:

  • Taking action
  • It’s possible to live your life without this problem
  • Stress, overwhelm, feeling burned out
  • Letting go of comforting with food
  • Planning comfort that doesn’t involve food

Many of us find ourselves daydreaming about food. Your thoughts include your feelings, which include your cravings. You are creating desire through your thoughts. Replace those dreams of food with new dreams. Dream about showering, washing your face, bathing, laying in bed. Start dreaming about comfort in other things other than food. You must allow yourself to actually do what brings you relief and comfort, which is letting your brain rest. Create new associations of comfort. Think about what kinds of things you want to start associating with comfort and diversify your comfort.

If you are feeling exhausted, if you feel like you need to eat to feel better, the powerful question to ask yourself is “What do I need relief from?”. Pause and remember you get to choose how you think and feel about something

Sit with it and exist with it. Understand what you need relief from so you can address it. When you don’t do that, you bulldoze over it, not allowing yourself to explore what it is that is going on that makes you want to eat everything to feel better.

Deliberately schedule comfort. It is possible to sit on a couch and not do anything but not allow yourself to really feel safety, comfort and release. Actually plan time for comfort, whether that’s an hour of relaxing or getting a weekly massage. Also, give yourself space and time to learn and get better at it. It can take time to learn to relax and feel comfortable.

Learn more about letting go of food as comfort and reestablishing a new sense of safety and comfort on this episode.

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