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Today I want to tell you, “Stop hustling for your worth.” I hustled for my worth for almost 20 years. The definition of the word hustle is to push or force one’s way. I like that definition, and it applies to what we’re talking about today. We, as women, have tied up our worth with our weight. Even though that seems like it could be a good motivator, it rarely is. Most of us try to be critical, disappointed, disgusted and inadequate; we force ourselves to work for our worthiness. No more. Today is the day you start believing in your self-worth and building upon it.

If you currently feel inadequate because of the weight you are and the weight you want to be, that’s counterproductive! You are worthy regardless of where your weight is today. You do not have to hustle or work for your worthiness. You’re more than adequate as you are. When you start to think about your worth in this way, you can detach the emotional drama from the result of your weight loss. The number on the scale is just a number. If you’re a stress eater or emotional eater, hustling for your worthiness and adequacy can be counterproductive. Stress can affect your hormone levels and cause Problems with Immediate Gratification. Break the cycle! You deserve it.

Separating Self-Worth from Weight Loss Goals

Severing the bond between weight and worth can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The emotional involvement can be overwhelming, so let’s remove it altogether.

Say you’ve just met a new friend. She tells you that she makes $85k a year, but she has a goal to make $115k a year. Does the rate at which she’s able to make this change or whether she’s capable of making it at all affect the way you look at this new friend? Of course not! It doesn’t matter! She’s successful, fun and charismatic. It doesn’t matter how much money she makes in a year! She’s no more worthy or adequate making $115k, $95k or $90k than she is making $85k.

Weight is the same way! Your worthiness and adequacy are tied to what you are. You can’t earn them with weight loss. They’re already there, and the number on the scale doesn’t matter at all! It’s just feedback about your body. That feedback is going to be determined by the choices you’ve been making. Remember, your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, and your actions create your results. Your weight doesn’t determine who you are. It is just the product of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You are worthy already!

Motivating Yourself to Change Your Relationship with Food

Keeping your self-worth separate from your relationship with food is essential. We all struggle at times with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. For me, it was imperative that I identified motivators to help me build the strength to fight through struggle and achieve my goals. I wanted to become healthy. I wanted to be able to wear whatever I wanted to wear and feel good about it. I wanted to be successful in my goals so I could be successful in my business and help so many other women as I continue to grow my company and clientele. I wanted all of these things, but one of the biggest reasons I stayed motivated and put my struggles with weight loss in the past was my future children. The last thing I wanted was to bring a daughter into this world and teach her to have a poor relationship with food. I wanted to be able to show my kids that having a beautiful and happy relationship with food is abundantly possible.

Your motivations won’t be the same as mine, but it’s crucial that you make sure you pursue creating the result you want to create in your life just because you want to. Pursue weight loss just because you decide to have weight loss as a goal, but not because it will determine whether or not you feel worthy or adequate. Separating your weight from your worth makes losing those last ten pounds so much easier.

Weight Fluctuations are a Normal Part of Weight Loss

One of the things I try hard to help coach my clients through are weight fluctuations. Weight fluctuations happen. They’re a normal part of how our body works. Our bodies are constantly trying to maintain homeostasis. Factors like sleep, fatigue, stress, water intake, fiber intake, sodium intake, carbohydrate intake and even things we don’t often think about like how recently we’ve had a joy eat or a bowel movement can cause minor fluctuations in weight. This is normal! Stressing about it will only make it worse! Even if you’ve followed your plan down to the most minute detail, weight fluctuations will happen. Even as I maintain my weight, I experience weight fluctuations.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel Proud

I am worthy and adequate. You are worthy and adequate. Weight loss is just a goal like any other. Define your reasons for wanting to lose weight, but don’t make those reasons synonymous with self-worth. You are a deserving human no matter the number on the scale.

Stop hustling for your worth. You are already worthy. You can feel proud and successful. You have a goal. Always keep in mind, our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our actions, and our actions create our results. Separate your weight from your worth and find the motivation to break through those struggles and change your thoughts and beliefs so you can reach your weight loss goals just like I did.