EP. 58- The 2 things you should NEVER SAY if you want to lose this weight for good.


EP. 58- The 2 things you should NEVER SAY if you want to lose this weight for good.

Hello gorgeous, and happy Monday! Welcome back to the podcast. I’m so glad to be here today. On this episode, we’re going to do a quick review of what’s going on in my life and the business. Our new puppy is starting puppy training this week; thank goodness. We’re moving through the underwriting process, and I can’t wait to move into our new house. My husband and I are trying to conceive. We haven’t been successful yet, but I’m managing my feelings and thoughts, so I no longer need to look to food for comfort. There’s a lot of incredible change happening in my life, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you on the podcast.

Now let’s talk about today’s topic. Today I want to talk about the two things that I highly recommend you never say if you’re going to permanently and successfully lose this weight in a deprivation free way. It’s impossible to rely on willpower forever. When you feel deprived or restricted, it’s because you want something, but you’re not allowed to have it. As the listeners of The Last 10 Pounds podcast know, I had a popcorn problem. I wanted popcorn, but I wasn’t allowed to have it. Here’s a little secret; if you look at your deprivation or restriction like this, you’ll never succeed in losing those Last 10 Pounds.

Two Things to Remove from Your Thoughts and Words That Will Keep You From Losing Weight:

“I’m not allowed to have this food.” and  “I can’t have this food.”

When you say either of these two things, you’re giving the power to someone else. Think of the things your professional coach is telling you as guidelines. These are choices you’re making because you want results. No one is putting restrictions on you. You’re deciding to change the way you eat because you want to lose the weight and keep it off!

The feelings of restriction you experience are external. The feelings of motivation you need are internal. You are the person who has to decide whether to follow a particular recommendation or not. Your dietician or healthcare professional can only make recommendations. You have to be the one to decide to create long-lasting and permanent changes. It’s much more empowering to think, “I am choosing not to eat XYZ because it’s not aligned with my goal.” When you change the way you think about your weight loss plan, there is no restriction, deprivation or rebelliousness.

Removing Rebelliousness

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when people tell me what to do. As soon as I start thinking that the decisions I make as external to myself, I get rebellious. If we own the choices we make and empower ourselves to decide, there is no feeling of rebelliousness, because we are in control! There is no more, “You can’t tell me what to do!” No more recklessness. Just results.

Don’t ask me for approval! Ask yourself if the questions you’re asking align with your goals. If they serve you in the process of reaching your goals, you’re making the right choices. If they don’t? They’re not what’s best for you. It’s that simple. As soon as you begin to empower yourself to make your own choices, you become the person in control. You own the decision for yourself.

The Last 10 Blueprint

In this analogy, let’s look at the last ten plan as a blueprint. Imagine all the steps are laid out for you on this detailed blueprint I’ve just unrolled on the table in front of you.

– Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

– Veggies, Protein, Healthy Fats

– One Weekly Joy Eat

– No Snacking in Between Meals

– No Overeating

– Mostly Eliminate Dairy, Flour, Sugar, Fruits and Starchy Vegetables

Now it’s your choice! If you want the results, you have to decide to follow this blueprint. I just created it. You must empower yourself to follow the guidelines, optimize your hormones, stabilize your blood sugar and lose the weight.

Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our actions, and our actions (or choices) create our results.

The definition of the word “Allow” is to give (someone) permission to do something. You are an adult. You don’t need permission to do anything. Empower yourself. Make your own choices. You’re allowed to eat anything you want. It’s so much more useful to believe you have absolute choice. You want the results! Go out and get them.

Say you want to make a change to the blueprint. You’d like to eat a piece of fruit on occasion or a starchy vegetable or dairy twice a week. Maybe you want to have two joy eats a week. That’s okay! You can make revisions to personalize it and make it right for you. If you’re still getting excellent results that’s awesome! If you’re not, all you have to do is decide to modify the blueprint so it’s more conducive to reaching your weight loss goals. As long as you’re consistent and honest with yourself, these tweaks may work for you.

The choices are yours! If you empower yourself and choose to follow the blueprint, there will be no restriction, deprivation or rebelliousness. You’re free to choose! Make sure to listen to the episode for specific examples of how changing the way we think can empower us to make decisions that help us reach our goals.

Have a fantastic rest of the week, and I’ll talk to you next Monday.