EP. 45- WEIGH YOURSELF DAILY using my tried & true process- to get to your goal.


EP. 45- WEIGH YOURSELF DAILY using my tried & true process- to get to your goal.

Welcome back to the Last 10 Podcast! And if you’re new, welcome to the podcast. This week, I’d love to talk about a potentially controversial subject: Weighing yourself!

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you’ve likely heard my journey. I want to give you a re-cap of my journey just you know how essential, helpful and healing weighing myself was to my journey. At my heaviest, I weighed 197 lbs. I struggled with my weight for at least 7 to 8 years where I would lose 40 lbs to then gain back 30 lbs and I continued on a yo-yo cycle of losing then gaining back weight. Eventually, I got to a point where my weight remained for 5 years in the 140’s. I decided to stop weighing myself because I didn’t like that the numbers wouldn’t budge. I was so frustrated. I worked SO hard to workout consistently 5 times a week. Weighing myself was upsetting and doing so would just ruin my mood. I decided to stop looking at my weight. This was a phase for me when I gave up on the idea that I could be less than 140 pounds and perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be for ‘me.’ I tried to listen to my body instead, not just the number of the scale. If I’m being honest, I just didn’t like the results. It felt unfair to work so hard and nothing would happen. In retrospect, I can look back and while I was working very hard, I was still indulging my diet by over drinking and overeating on weekends. Yet, I was upset that I wasn’t getting past my sticky point.

I did manage to lose 50+ lbs and keep it off successfully. It was a huge accomplishment. Losing a ton of weight is SUCH an accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. But I do know that you can get to a sticky point, where you can’t lose those last 10, 15, 20 lbs to finally get to your goal. I’m a certified holistic nutritionist and licensed occupational therapist. I’m trained in women’s hormones. It’s one thing to know about food and nutrition and another thing to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to drive your actions. I know my thoughts and feelings would drive my decisions to overeat and overdrink on the evenings and weekends as a form of relaxation.

At this point, I decided to get trained as a Life and Weight Loss coach with the Life Coach School. That is when I learned to manage my thoughts and feelings. My mentor, Brooke Castillo, taught us weight loss teaching tools. One of these tools scared me, “If you’re not weighing yourself every day, you need to get on that.” I remember when she said this, I felt like I wanted to throw up. I was aware of where I was because I would weigh myself occasionally but not consistently.

She explained why it was important to weigh yourself daily:

You need to see your weight because your weight is the result you’re creating, so your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions and your actions create your results. Your weight is simply the result of the actions you’ve been taking. Your actions are driven by your feelings, which are created by the thoughts you are feeling.

It’s important to look at your weight because you’re looking at your result! It was an aha moment for me. Managing my thoughts and my feelings changed everything for me. I finally went from the 140’s to 118 – 119 lbs. I didn’t need to learn anything more about food. I wasn’t missing any information about nutrition that would have helped my weight loss. I was taking inventory before I ate anything: What am I thinking? What am I feeling? What’s causing these actions that are sabotaging my results?

So WHY is it important to weigh yourself?

  1. Researchers need to collect data

If you want new results, you’re need to collect data in order to see your results change. If they’re not changing, you’re going to have to make more changes. You have to look at your results in order to know if something needs to change. Typically, it’s your mindset or your thoughts about something. If you don’t look at the data, you have no information.

  1. Take total accountability for the results you are creating WITHOUT making it emotional

A number on a scale can spur a lot of feelings and it can force you not to step on the scale. But it’s not about the number or the scale because neither make you feel the way you do. The number is purely DATA. It’s neutral. Any feeling you feel is because you have certain feelings or thoughts about the number of the scale. Every number on the scale is neutral until you have a thought about it. It’s a healing process to step on the scale everyday. You decide how you feel about yourself, your weight and your weight loss before the scale becomes the boss of you.

  1. You can make changes to your strategy quickly

By weighing yourself and weighing yourself daily, you can change your strategy quickly to ensure you maximize your results. You’re being accountable and consistent. Level 10 consistency and commitment will get you level 10 results.

  1. By choosing to remind yourself of your worth, stepping on the scale can be a powerful healing process

Stepping on the scale everyday is a powerful tool to heal. All the things you make your weight mean about yourself (I remember all of the things I thought about myself: I was incompetent, unattractive, gross, disgusting). I would make myself feel good about myself depending on the number on the scale. To unlearn and unravel these harmful thoughts about myself, I undertook a morning process of weighing myself, of being mindful of my thoughts and feelings and acknowledging I would still be beautiful, strong and sexy despite the number. I would step on the scale, see the result I created and if I wasn’t getting the result I wanted, I acknowledged that something in my plan had to change. It was purely data. Stepping on the scale is the perfect time to take inventory of all the things you’re thinking and feeling and start to eliminate the garbage stuff in your brain that’s not going to serve you. Think of your weight as data to remove the drama and you’ll be more successful.

How to weigh yourself:

  1. Weigh yourself DAILY in the same conditions

In order to weigh yourself properly, you have to weigh yourself in the SAME conditions. As a researcher, you need to control all different factors. Weigh yourself without any clothes on, in the morning, before you’ve eaten or drank anything. And use the same scale!

  1. Remind yourself of your worth before you get on the scale and commit to it after you get off it

For everyone it’s different. For me, before I even stepped on the scale, I thought about how I wanted to feel fiercely confident, beautiful, sexy and unapologetically confident. Before you step on the scale, know the words you want to feel in your body and feel about yourself and weight loss process. I stepped on the scale and no matter what the number on the scale said, I would remind myself: I am just determined. It takes time to lose weight. Everytime I step on the scale, I recommit to my thoughts and feelings, my motto, about how I would feel about myself, my feelings, and my weight loss process. This is an amazing daily opportunity to shift into thoughts and feelings that serve you so much better instead of keeping you stuck at your weight.

  1. Choose to remove the emotional drama

You get to decide what your number on the scale means. The number on the scale is neutral, it’s data. Peek into your brain and consider what thoughts you might be having that are driving your feelings about your weight. Is the way you’re thinking helpful or detrimental? The way we talk to ourselves is how we’ve internalized our feelings. By weighing yourself every day and knowing the number on the scale means nothing removes emotional drama. Don’t make the number mean if it’s possible or not, or if it’s taking too long or not or generate feelings of doubt, frustration and impatience. You decide how you’re going to feel about yourself before you step on the scale. No matter what the number says, acknowledge that this is how I’m going to feel about me, my weight loss process and my weight.

Now that you’ve learned the importance of weighing yourself and how to do so with compassion and the keen eye of a researcher, I have an amazing gift to share with you! I have created a weight tracker spreadsheet that I give my clients a spreadsheet to track their weight daily and once a week. You can input your data into this spreadsheet. It’s an amazing tool for you to look at your numbers from a pure weight loss strategy. You can hold yourself accountable, eliminate the emotional drama, review your strategy quickly, become an expert on your body and get results!

It’s SO empowering and fun to decide to pay attention to your choices. You can see YOU change as you input the data into the spreadsheet. To get access to the Weight Tracker Spreadsheet, send me an email at brenda@brendalomeli.com. I will send you a reply with the link so you can save a copy to your own Google Drive!

Start weighing yourself tomorrow morning. Trust me, a lot of feelings will come up but let them! It’s totally ok. This is where the magic happens and you can change them. No matter what the number is, you can change that. Remember you’re the boss of your brain. You can decide how you think and feel about anything. Email me, I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you! I’m here to help you. This tool will be very powerful to start looking at this data and collecting it in a way you haven’t before.

Have an amazing week! You absolutely deserve and are capable of creating any result you want.



Take the next step in your weight loss journey! Get the Weight Loss Tracker, a spreadsheet Brenda has created to help you invest in your success! Email Brenda at brenda@brendalomeli.com for access to this spreadsheet.