EP. 41- HOW TO finally write a NEW ending to your weight loss story.


EP. 41- HOW TO finally write a NEW ending to your weight loss story.

Today is about your story.

What do I mean about this? Well, I want you to think about your weight loss story a new way today. I want you to start to think of your journey and story as YOURS. You are the heroine of this story and I am just the guide that helps you along the way.

This is your story. This entire podcast is about your story, meant to be your inspiration. I am just your mentor sharing tools to equip you and help you on your journey. But you are the true heroine, who implements the tools and plans. You ultimately construct your future. You’re now a few chapters into your story book. The last few chapters – maybe you’ve been feeling stuck. Which is totally ok because now you have the opportunity to write a brand new chapter. Remember, everyday is an opportunity to write and live your new chapter.

So here’s an analogy to help explain my idea (because you know I love to teach in analogy!):

I want you to think about The Hero’s Journey. In a fairytale, the hero wants to achieve something but they don’t believe they’re capable of achieving it. As the hero continues on in the story, they are challenged. They meet a guide who helps them realize their potential. They realize they’re able and capable of realizing their goals. They overcome their challenge to meet a happy ending!

Now consider the fairytale of Cinderella. Cinderella has had a few bad chapters – living in servitude to her unforgiving family in a shabby room with tattered clothing. She has great ambitions but she believes she can’t achieve them. She then meets her fairy godmother, who provides her with encouragement and guidance. She equips her with a beautiful blue dress, glass slippers and a pumpkin carriage. With these tools and equipment, she’s able to make her dreams and goals a reality.

Think of yourself as the heroine, as the main character in your story. You’re Cinderella. People in your life are your guides, your fairy godmothers. I can give you your glass slippers.

As another example for those who are interested in Star Wars, think of Luke Skywalker. He doesn’t feel like he has what it takes to be a Jedi. However, he meets his guides like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda who empower him to discover his abilities. These two guides on his journey allow him to realize his potential and fine tune his skills.

On your journey, think of me or other inspirational people you might follow on Instagram, whose blogs you read, whose podcasts you listen to. These people are all guides and teachers on YOUR journey.

On this podcast, I share my weight loss story with you. I shared my story to show you that I understand what it’s like to be struggling, to feel stuck and continue recycling the same problem over and over again. I was stuck there for almost 20 years. I share my experiences so you know I get it and it’s absolutely possible to get to that other side. Everything I share here is for you. A source of hope as a teacher that has come into your life.

Think of your weight loss journey. Every story looks completely different.

If you could write an ending, what would it sound like? What would it look like?

In this ending to your weight loss journey, maybe you don’t struggle with your weight, you feel empowered, you’re not deprived. You can wear anything you want and feel so good. You’re comfortable and confident in your body. Does this ending sound amazing?

My challenge to you is to LET YOURSELF DREAM!

Carve out 30 minutes to sit down with a blank paper and a pen/pencil and write your story ending. Actually write out what would be the ending of your weight loss journey. What would you look like? What would you be wearing?

Your brain might say “Yeah right” because nothing has worked before, why would this work now? But dream it, let your anxiety and doubt go because you can truly put your dreams into reality. You are the heroine. You are strong and resilient. This is your story and you’re capable of writing any ending that you want to this story.

I’d put money on it that the ending you want doesn’t follow you as you continue to overeat, try to stop eating and feel guilty, ashamed and continue on this cycle. Take ownership over your story. You CAN move on from where you are now. You CAN change this. I’ve been there too. I decided what the ending would be and I did not stop until I achieved it.

What’s the ending you’re going to create this year? Once you’ve written your ending down, send it to me! I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at brenda@brendalomeli.com.

Thank you for letting me be a guide in your journey!

Finally, I wanted to note that the end of the year is a really important time to begin to connect with your intentions for the next year. On my next episode, I’m going to share my tradition at the end of every year to help you connect to your vision and goals for the next year will be.

P.S. If you did not get my email or see my social media posts, I have clarified my mission for my company. My mission is to equip and empower 1,000,000 women to end their struggle with their weight. I’m so excited that I get to connect with every single one of you and I love that this is the work I get to do in the world.


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