EP. 35- I’VE NEVER SHARED THIS BEFORE. Also: The #1 difference between me and someone who is still struggling.


EP. 35- I’VE NEVER SHARED THIS BEFORE. Also: The #1 difference between me and someone who is still struggling.

I want to share something with you’ve never shared before. This was a game changer for me. I hadn’t shared this before not because it was a deep, dark secret but rather, an epiphany I had. I realized what I’ve been doing on my weight loss journey is something that has completely changed my life but that a lot of you aren’t doing. This has helped me no longer struggle with my weight, worry about it or think about it. I use my brain now to create other amazing things in my life, to enjoy the things I do in the moment, to no LONGER worry about food because I trust myself completely. I share this because I want you to experience these amazing results.

I am living my dream come true but honestly, I used to suffer. I was stuck: I hated my body, I hated my results, I was frustrated, I weighed up to 197 lbs. and I struggled with an eating disorder. Anywhere on the spectrum of weight loss and food frustrations I could have, I’ve been there, I can relate to it all. For almost 20 years, this was my biggest area of pain, struggle, frustration and embarrassment. I felt that no matter WHAT I was doing, I would always end up BACK at the beginning. I know that I’m smart, hardworking and successful in many areas of my life but this area was such a source of frustration. I know for many of you, it’s been the same struggle for years and many times, a lifetime. It’s been an emotional process. You wake up thinking about this, think about it all day long, go to bed frustrated and begin the process over again. It’s taking over your brain and life.

What is the thing I’ve been doing that you possibly have not done? In my opinion, I have INVESTED in myself. I have invested in getting tools to help me. I didn’t get here on my own. I’ve been relentless.

If you see where I’m at right now and want my results, you can absolutely create it for yourself. I want you to reconsider this idea of being able to do it on your own. Which, you absolutely can but it is going to take you much, much longer. What I’ve noticed is that MANY of you are all-in committed to losing the weight until you have to invest in yourself. When you invest in yourself, then you are all-in committed.

I wanted to share with you how much I’ve invested to get where I am. Please note, this is not about me making money, it’s about you investing in yourself. I want to share this gift. I am on a mission to equip and empower women with the mindset, tools, information, and strategies to end their struggle with their weight and create the results in your life that you actually want to create, on purpose and feel like a boss in this area of your life.

I believe we have multiple soulmates – this seems random but hear me out. Each one of my clients is MY soulmate. A soulmate is someone who comes into each other’s lives and once your souls meet, your life is no longer the same. I only bring in women into my program that feels like you’re a soulmate client and I’m a soulmate coach. If you think I might be a match, that’s why booking a weight loss audit call can be great to see if we can mesh! I do know that we may not be a match and that’s ok. I only let people to continue in my program if we’re a great match.

What I want you from you is to seek out your soulmate coach, your soulmate mentor, your soulmate system, the one that resonates with you. Women are afraid to invest in themselves and don’t want to spend money once they recognize the costs of attaining results. What is worth more than peace of mind and feeling good in your body? Your body is what you’re exploring the world in, it’s your vehicle for life. Invest in your health, sanity, ability to enjoy life and quality of life. Find your soulmate coach, your soulmate program. You. Are. Worth. It.

Let’s talk about the investments that I have made to get where I am today. If I didn’t seek support, mentorship, community and new information, I would probably be stuff.

1. Holistic Nutritionist Program – $12,000

I decided to apply for a Holistic Nutritionist program because I was looking for knowledge. This program helped me build a healthy way of thinking as far as nursing and taking care of myself and giving my body what it needs. It did not solve the problem but I started to equip myself with new tools and information.

2. Culinary Food Program – $14,000

I wanted to change my relationship with food at its core. I signed up to go through a professional culinary program. I understood nutrition but I still struggled with sabotaging behavior. I didn’t have a lot of money to make this work so I took on second and third jobs to make this work. In some cases, I even put it on my credit card.

3. Program with Brooke Castillo – $8,000

I improved my relationship with food through nutrition and culinary food training. I still had self-sabotaging behaviors. I discovered the Life Coach School Podcast and Brooke Castillo, who provided powerful coaching that resonated with me. I decided to schedule a call to hear about her program and sign up for her program. I paid for this program on my credit card and took a second job in order to afford the program.

4. Year-Long Mentorship with Brooke Castillo – $15,000

I invested in a year-long mentorship with Brooke to help me build my skill set. Brooke taught me to address my emotional needs in a different way that was not food. There went my struggle. From there, my weight loss journey and maintenance became effortless and easy.

5. Mentorship with Stirling Griffin – $15,000

I am currently working with another mentor right now.

Support has been an important part of my success. Being strategic and smart in reaching out for support, coaching, mentorship, tools, processes, systems that actually helped me solve this problem from its core.

When you invest in yourself, it is transformational. When you decide to invest in yourself, you mentally go all in. We are worth it. If you like my results and you want to end the struggle, Get. Some. Support. For. Yourself. You are worth it! It does not have to be me. It can be another coach, another process, another system but if you feel like I might be that soulmate coach for you, apply for my program You might be the soulmate client for me. Let’s fricken change your life! I want to provide you the peace of mind so you can be done with the struggle. If anything is worth betting on, it’s is you and the quality of your life!



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