EP. 32- It’s time to DOUBLE DOWN


EP. 32- It’s time to DOUBLE DOWN

This episode was inspired by another strategy session that I had with one of you that listen to the podcast. It’s a great question and a great topic! This was the dilemma:

I’ve been trying to lose the same last pounds for over 20 years. And what happens is I lose the first five pounds and then I start to feel good. I know exactly what to do to lose the weight. I already know what to do, I know exactly what not to eat.

I lose 5 pounds, and then start to get comfortable. I feel good and then I’m like, “OK one glass of wine, one piece of chocolate.” And then before I know it I’ve regained those first five pounds.”

Sound familiar?

The 5 Pound Phenomenon

Does this happen to you, where you lose the same 5 pounds over and over again? It happens to so many women. Why does it happen?

It’s not a lack of information. You already know how to do it. In fact, you’ve done it so many times that you are an expert. You know exactly what to do for your body to lose that weight.

What’s the difference between when you first get started and what happens 5 pounds later?

What happens is that when you set out to lose the 10 pounds, you are motivated, focused on the goal and feeling committed. You are determined to create that result that you want.

Those are the feelings—motivated, focused, committed, determined. And those feelings drive the action of following your plan. The plan that you’re on gets you the results that you want. That’s not the problem. It’s not a strategy issue. The reason you’re getting results is that you’re feeling motivated, so you take action.

Thoughts create feelings, feelings drive actions, actions create results

Remember, anytime you have a feeling, any feeling, it’s because you’re thinking a certain way. So in this case, what you are probably doing is thinking about your goal like this:

  • How great it’s going to be to when you’ve lost 10 pounds
  • What you’re going to be able to wear
  • What you’re going to able to fit into how fun it’s going to be a to go shopping
  • How much you’re going to like the way your body looks and feels
  • What it’s going to do for your confidence

You’re focused and excited on the idea of what’s going to happen once you reach that goal. Those thoughts—the focus on the goal and what’s going to happen once you get there—is what creates the determination, the motivation, the commitment and the inspiration, which then drives the actions of following your plan.

So now you’re taking the action of following your plan because you’re feeling motivated and committed. Of course, you’re getting the results.

A change of focus

What happens when you stop following your plan is that your focus changes. You start thinking, “Well, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m starting to see results, my body looks a little leaner, my clothes feeling a little better.”

You’re starting to feel pretty good so your focus is no longer on your goal. The thoughts are different, and when the thoughts are different the feelings are different.

It’s not necessarily even a bad thing, but it’s something to be aware of because it is the reason why your actions change, why your choices change and then why now you don’t get to the end result that you said you wanted.

Notice how different the thoughts are and notice where the focus is. It creates a feeling of, “I’m okay here. I’m fine. I’m satisfied now.”

If that’s really the result you want then it’s totally fine because that feeling is going to just keep you at that result.

But if you really want to lose five more pounds and actually get to your goal, you need to be focused. Notice that your thoughts and your feelings are changing and remind your brain, “Hey I know it feels like we made it but we still haven’t so we still need to focus.”

Be aware of what your thoughts are, catch them in action and redirect your thoughts to remind yourself of what your vision is.

It’s time to Double Down

Instead of getting comfortable, double down. If you do that, you will continue along the same path as before, feeling motivated and determined, taking action and getting the results that you want.

Start to notice when you’re feeling comfortable and contented, and you start not really following your plan. It’s because you’re not focused on the goal that you actually want.

The solution is to be aware of that, recommit to your goal and instead of being comfortable there, double down. You’ve lost five pounds and you’re going to lose five more.

In order to get a new level of results, you’re going to have to come in at a new level and up your game. Hence, the double down.

When you refocus on that goal that you actually want to achieve, you will continue to take those actions that will continue to get you results. So next time you’re at that five-pound mark, make that decision to double down and you will see your results start to change!

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