EP. 24- Believing it’s possible.


EP. 24- Believing it’s possible.

In this episode, my clients share their stories. Hear for yourself the benefits and transformations they have experienced going through the coaching programs and coaching system with me. These ladies get vulnerable and intimate, but they’re happy to share their stories so that other women can have hope and believe it’s possible for them too.

Here are some excerpts from what these ladies share. For the full stories, listen to the whole podcast episode!

Erin says…

Before I met Brenda I weighed 252 pounds. It didn’t happen overnight and I sure didn’t expect myself to ever weigh that much. It just kind of happened. Life happened. I felt unmotivated, uncommitted to myself, like a poor mother, an unworthy wife, just out of control. I felt like I was incapable of ever getting down under the 200 mark ever again. I felt like weight loss surgery was my only way out and I was ready to commit to that.

I got on the phone with Brenda and she sensed my hesitation and my fear right away. I was afraid of investing in something that I would probably fail at. I was afraid of just being judged. I would have to bare my soul to her and I was afraid of that. But you know I started working with Brenda, and her thought models and her process definitely helped shape where I’m at today.

After working with Brenda. I have been able to drop a total of 60 pounds. And I have gone from a size 20 to a size 14. I am ecstatic.

I feel empowered. I feel in control, accountable, responsible. I choose my thoughts and I view my body the way I want to view it. I’ve learned that the scale is nothing more than a reflection of the decisions that I make.

For those of you that are afraid that this is going to work for you, I highly encourage you to try this. Honestly, I don’t recommend it just for the health benefits, I recommend it for the overall mental makeover you undergo. This program isn’t just about your health, it’s not about your weight. You get to choose the weight. But in reality, it’s about the way you think about the weight. So take that leap. Good luck.”


Natalie’s story…

About a year and a half ago I started gaining weight and I couldn’t figure out how to lose it. I was pre-menopausal, as many women are, and I tried many, many different programs. Some people were able to help me stop gaining weight but nobody had answers on how I could lose weight and I couldn’t find a solution.

I discovered Brenda. What really caught me is that she was claiming to be able to help women with hormonal problems with weight. We’d had a first meeting and then I started the program and it really changed my life. After two months I had almost lost 20 pounds. I kept working on it for another month and I’ve lost 22 pounds. I feel amazing, [I have] like a 90% increase of energy. Brenda really changed my life. Really!

Yes, it’s a whole program about what to eat, but it’s more than that. It is also how you think and how you see what you eat and who you are. There’s a lot to learn just there and that could serve you not just losing your weight but also in any other part of your life.”


Caroline shares…

I lost about 10 pounds with Brenda but that’s just the icing on the cake really because to me what I gained from working with Brenda was far more than just losing weight. The confidence that I gained in everything that I do has been incredible to me. I was able to register myself for a triathlon and I’m afraid of water! But I’m taking swimming lessons. I’m managing my brain so that I’m not afraid of the water anymore and I can do that triathlon

In social situations now, I’m not afraid of saying, “no thank you” when something is not serving me. I just eat whatever I want because I choose to. With Brenda, with the thought model and the work, now when I see food it’s like, “I could eat this but it’s not going to serve my goal.” I ended up choosing my goal, losing 10 pounds and maintaining my weight for the past five weeks, even living through two weeks of vacations, which is pretty incredible.

So if you’re having doubt about working with Brenda I would say go for it. Do it for yourself and you’re not only going to lose the weight but you’re going to gain confidence in yourself. And that’s a skill that will last a lifetime.”


Here’s Caitlin’s experience…

The one area of my life that I just never paid attention to and really put to the side even though it really mattered to me was the area of my relationship to my body, my relationship to food. So I worked with Brenda earlier this summer, 2017. I was 159 pounds and over the course of eight weeks I lost nine pounds with Brenda. I know that I was the one that did the work and I know it was also her facilitation and her guidance and her expertise and her commitment to me that that really made it possible.

I transformed my relationship to food but really transformed my relationship with myself and that’s really what it all comes down to. I’m so grateful to have had the experience I had with Brenda because it was so much more than food, nutrition, body. It was really about trust. Can I trust myself? How committed am I? It was so much more about life than it was about anything else.

Really take a look inside and know that it’s possible [for you too]. Go for it. Don’t wait. It’s so worth it. It’s so, so possible. Brenda’s the most committed person I’ve ever met and will be unstoppable and unapologetic about making sure that you get what you want. You will see results when you work with Brenda I really encourage you if you’re considering working with Brenda. Take that leap. You deserve that.”


Kerry says…

Before I met Brenda I was stuck just 10 pounds away from my goal weight of 150. I’d gotten down to about 157 and then slowly crept back up to about 162 and that’s when I first discovered Brenda.

I knew that I needed a coach and accountability and someone to really call me out when I wasn’t being precise for every action necessary to get there. I was able to finally get to my goal weight of 150 pounds within those eight weeks and I actually am now down to 147. My mindset has changed, so I really do not consider myself a person with a weight struggle anymore.

I continue to easily access tools that Brenda taught me during the 8-week program and the weight is continuing to come off. More than anything I just feel the most confidence in my body that I ever have. And I have complete freedom with food.

If you’re still considering whether this is something you should do or not, Brenda’s coaching is what made all the difference for me. Knowledge is a very important thing to have and having daily accountability and a coach like Brenda who has been through the weight struggle herself is invaluable. I definitely can say that the benefits I received from Brenda’s coaching help in all areas of my life and not just with the weight loss. I’ve never felt better about myself and my relationship to food.”


Sarah’s story…

I’m 54 and I had struggled for 14 years with extra weight that I just could not get to move. I tried everything under the sun or so I thought. I’m a skeptical person. I don’t spend money easily. I’m a pretty hard sell. I had a phone call with Brenda and she convinced me.

Here I am not that many weeks later, one or two pounds away from my goal weight. It’s not easy and it’s certainly not a quick fix, but it’s effective and it gets you out of that power struggle with yourself, which I just found such an awful place to be. It’s amazing. I am strongly recommending her services.

The weight is gone and I literally I feel lighter. But really because that struggle is gone, emotionally and psychologically I feel a lot lighter. And I also am excited to use these tools and apply them to other areas of my life.

So you’ll get the weight off but you’ll also get these tools that you can use for the rest of your life in any area of your life. And so it’s money well spent. And if you’re committed to doing it I encourage you to work with Brenda. She’s great.”