EP. 14- Why COMMITMENT will determine your success. What it means to commit. How to commit for results.


EP. 14- Why COMMITMENT will determine your success. What it means to commit. How to commit for results.

Commitment is one of the top reasons that women just don’t achieve their goal.

I have a new way of thinking about the difference between wanting and committing to your goal.

It’s a game changer.

This is the process I take my clients through to make sure their commitment is steadfast and rock solid.

If you’re wanting to lose the last 10 pounds this will be a powerful overview that you can apply to your life.

Wanting vs. committing

There’s a huge difference between wanting something and committing to it. So many women just want something.

Wanting requires no action.

It’s almost a victim mentality. At the same time you’re telling yourself you want it, you’re also telling yourself that you can’t have it.

It’s super easy and doesn’t require any effort

It gets no results

It creates frustration because you want something and you don’t have it

Commitment is a decision.

It means you have decided to do whatever is necessary until you achieve your results

It requires that you take action

It’s long-term because you have to commit to the end

It means being 100% all in until you arrive at your result

Quitting is not an option

Not taking action is not an option either

Trying vs. Committing

Are you just trying or really committing?

Trying is the tricky place in between wanting and committing.

Trying is not 100% committed to doing what needs to be done. Trying is a step up from wanting, but it doesn’t get the results and can still lead to frustration.

If you are committed 100% until you get to your results, then your success is guaranteed because you won’t stop until you get there.

It makes all the difference.

A lot of times people stop working towards something when they don’t see results quick enough. They are impatient and they give up because they were not truly committed.

A fierce 100% all in commitment makes your goal inevitable.

How to make that commitment

Just do it! Make the decision that you are 100% committed.

Take some time, think about it, then decide.

Be very honest with yourself. Are you really 100% committed to doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to achieve your goal?

Once you make that decision, stay fiercely committed.

The problem is not the problem

People say their problem is they don’t know how to do it, but that’s not true. There is so much information out available to us these days.

People know what is healthy and what isn’t. That’s not the problem. That’s an excuse.

The thing that makes all the difference is whether you stay in wanting and trying to lose weight, or whether you are truly 100% committed.

If you’re struggling to lose the last 10 pounds, and you haven’t made the decision yet, you need to. The nutrition is not the problem. In Episode 6 Brenda explained that the nutrition is simple.

The problem is that you’re not 100% committed to doing what is necessary to get the results.

Make the decision to be 100% committed to reaching your goal.

Deciding to commit is key. You can apply that to other things in your life too, like saving money, getting a promotion or starting a business.

Commitment. It’s a game changer.

Will you stay at wanting and trying or are you going to commit?