EP. 13- Eliminate your limiting beliefs that keep you from LOSING THE LAST 10 POUNDS.


EP. 13- Eliminate your limiting beliefs that keep you from LOSING THE LAST 10 POUNDS.

Any result in your life is a consequence of your beliefs. It’s a result of your thoughts and belief systems, and of what’s going on in between your ears, in your brain.

Limiting beliefs keep you from getting to your ideal, healthy goal weight.

A limiting belief is a thought that you believe and that limits you.

Your belief system is made up of all your thoughts.

If you are not at your goal weight, it’s because of your current belief system. Your belief system is a result of current thoughts that you have about your body, food, your weight, whether or not you can be successful, whether or not you have time to meal prep or exercise and so on.

Some examples of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back:

  • I don’t know what to do
  • Nothing I do works
  • I don’t have time
  • I’ve never been able to lose that much weight
  • I just love food too much

Most of us have these beliefs that are directly affecting our results, but we don’t recognize them as beliefs, we see them as truths, as facts.

We don’t see it as a belief that we carry or a thought we are choosing to have, we think that’s just how it is. Those beliefs that we have that are limiting us? Usually, we really feel like those things are true 100%.

Whatever you believe and think will show up in your results in any area of your life: finances, relationships, weight loss etc. If you have an extra 10 pounds right now, you have beliefs that are not serving you and are keeping you there.

Once you change those beliefs, then you are able to get the result you actually want to create and don’t sabotage your results ever again.

It has to be intentional

You can change your limiting beliefs, but first, you have to be aware of them. This is the process I teach my clients:

  1. Recognize it as a thought
  2. Recognize that it’s not a fact of life, it’s a limiting belief
  3. Identify the limiting beliefs
  4. Change the thought on purpose
  5. Create a new belief by choosing new thoughts that serve you

If you notice the limiting belief “I don’t have time” challenge yourself to create a new belief.

Don’t think, “I don’t have time.”

Do think, “I will make time for whatever is important to me no matter what.”

Work with a coach!

Remember, you likely think your beliefs are true, so you may find it difficult to even be aware of them. Unless you change your belief systems, no matter how hard you try to change your actions you will always end up with the same results. You need to go deeper to examine why you’re sabotaging yourself.

A coach can help you do that.

Your coach can help you recognize the limiting beliefs and replace them with belief systems that serve you. If you feel like you need more support with that, schedule a free consult with me.

One exercise I get my clients to do can be very powerful.

Take the paper and write down everything that comes through your mind when you think about losing the last 10 pounds. Everything you think and feel about it. Make a list.

Then ask yourself, ‘do I believe I can be at my ideal goal weight with ease?’

Knowing where you are now and what beliefs you have now is powerful.

Stuff will come up. Asking that question will bring up new thoughts.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Whatever you believe is important. It’s so much more than controlling your actions. In order to get permanent results, you have to address these limiting beliefs.

Explore your beliefs.

You can absolutely get to your ideal goal weight and do it with ease.

Believe that it is possible for you!

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