EP. 11- WHY IS IT WORTH IT to lose those last 10 pounds? ME during a recent interview- talking about ‘WHY’ the last 10 pounds.


EP. 11- WHY IS IT WORTH IT to lose those last 10 pounds? ME during a recent interview- talking about ‘WHY’ the last 10 pounds.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and a Master Certified Weight Loss Coach from the Life Coach School. I have completed culinary training in whole foods cuisine. I am also an expert in losing the last 10 pounds of weight, which are usually the most stubborn.

How this niche developed for Me

I struggled with weight for 15 years. My journey goes back to being 8 or 9 years old, secretly eating food in the pantry. As a teenager I felt a lot of shame and never felt good enough, so the food brought comfort, but also shame. My heaviest was 197 in my late teens/early 20s. I was on the weight loss rollercoaster that a lot of people are on where I’d lose 40 pounds and gain 50 pounds.

It can feel so emotional and it was for me. Finally, I figured out how to lose weight and keep it off, but I lost it in a way being very critical of myself. That was the driving force, so ended up with an eating disorder. Now I’m thankful for that, for the experience of being on every part of the spectrum of relationship with food and weight. It helps me empathize with clients, and show them what’s not working.

Now, I love my relationship with my body and food. I feel empowered from all the tools I’ve gathered that have helped me get here. Now I want to help others too.

A lot of people stay stuck at the last 10 pounds forever

Women are telling themselves they want to lose 10 more pounds, but not doing the work to get it, so I like to call bullshit. Anyone can have anything they want but are you willing to go and get it?

Either you decide that you want to lose 10 pounds, or you decide that you are happy at this weight and you’re at peace and love your life. If it’s the latter, stop telling yourself you have to lose 10 more pounds because you actually don’t have to. But if you do decide to do it, do it because you want to.

Some great questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to lose 10 more pounds?
  • Do I really want to lose 10 more pounds?
  • Am I willing to do the work that is required to lose 10 more pounds?
  • Am I willing to make the changes required?
  • How do I think I would feel if I lost 10 more pounds?

Give yourself permission to feel amazing at the weight that you are. The way you feel comes from how you let yourself feel, not from your weight. It’s learning two new skills: learning how to lose weight and learning how to feel better.

Manage your expectations

Our bodies change over time. For some reason that doesn’t register for a lot of us. We think, “I’ve been there before, why can’t I get back there?” The majority of my clients are in their 50s and 60s. They’ve been through the hormonal change but their habits haven’t changed. Therefore, what used to work to maintain their weight doesn’t work anymore. That’s where I comes in, with new techniques and strategies.

Grab my guide to losing the last 10 pounds: brendalomeli.com/thelast10

The Last 10 Formula

Basically, you have to get your hormones balanced and the best way to do that is to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

My formula for losing the last 10 pounds involves stabilizing blood sugar levels and balancing hormones too. It’s about learning to nourish your body with quality whole foods: quality protein, tons of veggies, whole food healthy fats.

It also incorporates a weekly joy eat. There can be room in your life for enjoying things that have no nutritional value whatsoever, just because you enjoy them. We’re creatures of pleasure. If you make yourself suffer, you’re going to want more. But create a place for it in a strategic, empowered, smart, knowledgeable way.

I also recommend that you become an empowered and knowledgeable consumer. Read your food labels!

Take action towards what you want

It’s really about asking yourself, is this going to get me the results that I want?

Nothing becomes a “should” or a “shouldn’t”, it just becomes “I’m doing this because I want this.”

“I can’t have it” is never true because we’re all adults and we have had anything we want at any given moment. Tell yourself the truth, and the truth is, “I’m choosing not to have because I want X result more than this.”

The way you get results is by taking action. That is the difference between wanting something and being committed to getting something. If you want Brenda’s 5-step process for creating 100% commitment to getting a result, go to www.brendalomeli.com/commitmentworkbook

Get to the root of the problem

The actual food part is so easy, everybody knows what to do. So clearly, if you’re not getting the results that you want, look beyond the food. Quit looking for the quick fix and start looking deeper.

When we’re feeling dissatisfied and disappointed, that’s when we want the ice cream. It’s a quick fix, it beats out feeling shitting, but then we don’t address what’s really there to be addressed. That’s why it becomes a problem because we continue gaining weight but that feeling is still there.

Every single thing that we do is either because we want to feel a certain way or avoid feeling a certain way. Stop and pay attention to how you feel instead of eating. We’re so unaware and we do it so blindly, so pause at the craving, check out what you’re feeling.

You can start to see a pattern, and then you get a new, healthier tool.

Write down what’s going on right now. For the last 10 pounds, you have to address all those things you’re avoiding. You used to snack on chips and now you snack on baby carrots. Address why you are eating if you’re not hungry, even if it is baby carrots.

It takes deeper work but on the other side of that work is more freedom.

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