EP. 029- Don’t be like a baby elephant…


EP. 029- Don’t be like a baby elephant…

This is a story about a baby elephant. What does this have to do with losing the last 10 pounds? Well, it will help you in the pursuit of any new goal, not just the last 10 pounds.

This story is actually inspired by one of the strategy sessions I had this week. I love the work I do and the clients I attract. They’re hard-working and extremely intelligent women. The strategy session this week was with an amazing woman who is really excited to finally get to her goal.

She’s interested in doing her program and coaching with me, but as we explored her goals and what’s keeping her stuck, there was so much doubt. She’s tried everything and nothing has worked, so why would this be different? She was wondering if it is really possible.

This is where the story about a baby elephant comes in. I think baby elephants are completely adorable. As cute as puppies, in fact!

When they’re little, their owners can tie them up to a little peg in the ground with a small peg and a thin rope. Because the baby elephant is little and not very strong, if she tries to get away, she can’t. She’s not strong enough to break the ropes when she’s that young. She will try to walk away but she stops when she realizes she’s tied. Eventually, she will just stop trying.

But, as the baby elephant gets older, it doesn’t realize that it’s gaining new strength and skills. She still thinks she can’t pull out of this thin rope because she hasn’t been able to do it before. This happens to grown, full-sized, incredibly strong adult elephants. Fully grown, the elephant is still tied by that same thin rope and attached to that same little peg in the ground.

She is strong enough to break that rope now, but she doesn’t even try to get free. She wasn’t successful before when she wasn’t strong so she has learned to believe that she isn’t strong enough. Instead of realizing how strong she is now, she thinks she’s still the young, baby elephant that doesn’t have the balance, skills or strength to break free.

Can you see the parallel to your weight loss journey?

When it comes to weight loss, I work with clients all the time who are holding themselves back in the same way with their thinking.

Are you thinking of yourself as not strong enough or capable enough?

When you try a new approach, when you’re trying to do something, instead of looking back at all those experiences where you were not successful, be aware that you are not the same woman today that you were 3 years, 3 months or even 3 weeks ago.

You have new tools, new strategies, new skills and new ways of thinking. You are stronger than you were before in so many ways.

When you try to do something and you do it believing that it isn’t possible, how hard are you really going to try? But when you fully, 100% believe that you are capable of something, you give it all you’ve got. You make it happen.

If you are still looking back at your past failures, if you’re focusing on the times when you were not able to do this, you are tying yourself up like a baby elephant.

You are strong enough. You have new skills, abilities, and tools. You are now stronger. Your mindset is stronger. You have new ways of thinking that will equip you and enable you to be successful.

You cannot identify yourself as ‘not strong enough’ or ‘not having the skills’ anymore. Besides, if you really do need some new skills or knowledge, you can seek them out!

There are going to be moments when you feel like you can’t do something, but remind yourself that’s your old ‘baby elephant’ way of thinking. You are a full-size grown elephant. Take action like the amazing, strong, incredible creature you are. You can definitely do what you want to do.

If you feel like something’s holding you back, remind yourself of the elephant story.

Take the bold steps forward to create what you want in your life. There is nothing that can hold you back.

You are strong. You are capable. You have what it takes. You can absolutely do it.