EP. 2- How to be SOLUTION FOCUSED vs PROBLEM FOCUSED & why its necessary to get to your goal weight.


EP. 02- How to be SOLUTION FOCUSED vs PROBLEM FOCUSED & why it’s necessary to get to your goal weight.

There is a huge difference between learning and consuming information, and actually taking that knowledge, applying it and doing the work. If you actually apply what you learn in this episode today, you will see results. The tool being shared today will be a completely new way of approaching weight loss.

Too often, we try to get different results by doing the same thing over and over again. But that just doesn’t work!

You’ve probably tried a bunch of diets. You tried the protocols and worked with a coach. So you might notice that when you hear a new tool on the podcast today, your brain automatically goes, ‘I’ve tried that’ or ‘That’s not going to work for me.’ You automatically come up with reasons why it won’t work. It’s your brain’s way of protecting you, keeping you safe by not taking a risk. You’ve been disappointed before so you expect disappointment again.

Open your mind.

Try something new.

Tell yourself that this will be the thing that works for you, because when you think you’re going to be successful at something, you set yourself up for success.

Are you solutions-focused or problems-focused?

This podcast is about weight loss for the lady boss. The lady boss is a really bad ass woman that is doing amazing things in her life, business and/or career. Here are some examples of what being problem-focused looks like for a lady boss. Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying these?

  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I have too much to do.
  • I’m too busy with work stuff.
  • My business/career is taking up all my time
  • I need to get my Facebook ads set up so I don’t have time to cook or to plan my meals.
  • I have a client dinner and I need to be social and drink and eat with them so I can’t be healthy all the time.

Each of those statements is focused on the reasons why you can’t lose weight. Or even more sneakily, it’s a reason you tell yourself for why you can’t go to the gym that day, or make the healthy choice that day, or have time to meal prep that day.

It’s focusing on the problem and it’s time to flip that around. Start being focused on solutions.

Sound too simplistic?

Of course it makes sense to focus on the solution versus the problem. Duh, Brenda.

But think about how often you focus on the problem.

There is a reason that you’re not yet at your goal weight, and that reason right there is being problem-focused. So even though this concept might be very simple, there is a big difference between knowing something and doing it.

What does it mean to focus on a solution?

It means that instead of thinking about why you can’t do something, you’re going to start asking yourself and focusing on how you can make something work.

Focus your brain on finding solutions. Here are some example questions that you could ask yourself to be more solutions-focused:

  • How can I make time to plan out all my meals?
  • How can I make time to cook my healthy meals?
  • How can I schedule my gym time in three times a week?
  • How can I both work full time until I transition to my business and eat as healthy as I want to?

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Don’t just do this in your head. You have to actually change what you’re doing. It’s not a passive process, you have to take action if you really want to see results.

Action: Sit down with a pen and paper, and write a solutions-focused question at the top. Under that, write the numbers 1 – 10. Then list at least 10 different ways you can make this happen.

All the answers are going to be only solutions. At first, it might seem like a challenge, but give yourself and your brain some time. Redirect your brain, guide it to focus on finding solutions and it will come up with ideas that will be solutions for you.

Asking your brain the right question is an amazing tool for you to actually find solutions and then implement them. When you implement solutions, that’s when you get unstuck. You get results.

What if you come up with a bunch of ideas and none of them will work?

Then you do the same activity again. If you stay focused on the fact that those solutions don’t work, then once again you are being problem-focused. Anytime that you feel stuck , you are being problem-focused.

Identify that you’re focusing on the problem and make some time come up with a really great question that will redirect your brain so that it’s solutions-focused again.

Remember this week really pay attention to where you are focusing, and give your brain a really great question to prompt it to create solutions.

If you continuously redirect your brain to finding solutions, you will also continue to move forward towards your goal weight.

Tune in for episode 3 where Brenda is talking about stress and overwhelm.