EP. 381- TL10: Weight Loss Drugs and Personal Autonomy

In this episode of The Last 10 (TL10), I address decision-making from a unique and empowering lens- including the evolving world of weight loss drugs.

Most of the time, for women, conversations having to do with our bodies are NOT helpful.

They are either judgmental, critical, and shame-filled…
Or they reinforce the exhausting narrative that we must fit a cookie-cutter aesthetic in order to be ‘worthy’…

As smart women, we deserve SO much more than these limiting black-and-white conversations.

It’s time to say GOODBYE to one-size-fits-all manuals.

Join me as I guide you through an approach that empowers women to make decisions about their bodies that are:
Informed, personal, and aligned with their unique priorities, goals and values.

Together, we’re creating a culture where women reclaim their bodily autonomy, free from shame or judgment.

Tune in for a fresh perspective that cuts through the noise and offers clarity on finding a path that’s uniquely your own.