EP. 359- Hit Your Weight Goal & Maintain it For High Achievers (PART 4: Pleasure)

Tune into this 4-part podcast series, where I deep dive into four CORE OBSTACLES faced by high-achieving women when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals.

These four core obstacles will keep you from achieving your weight loss goals, even if you know intellectually ‘what to do’ to lose weight. (Make sure you know what they are, so you can get unstuck ASAP)

In this episode, I also walk you through the four foundational things REQUIRED to end self-sabotage, emotional eating, and overeating so you can finally reach your weight loss goals,  specifically as a driven, goal-oriented, and busy woman.

Once you learn the 4 foundations and address them, you can lose the weight you want to lose, even with everything you’ve got on your plate and the many responsibilities you hold.

Achieving your goal and then enjoying the weight loss results in a sustainable way IS possible.