EP. 354- Stop Sabotaging and Start Losing Weight

Are you tired of constantly “restarting” your weight loss journey?

Are you tired of constantly putting in so much effort but NOT experiencing new results?

In this empowering episode, Brenda dives deep into the “Start Over Cycle”.

She teaches you how the “Start Over Cycle” keeps millions of women feeling stuck, and frustrated without new results.

Brenda gives you game-changing insights and shares 3 tools to help you break free from this cycle for good.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The concept that every behavior has a function and how to use it to our advantage.
  • The Sunday Night Escape Plan – your solution for weekend overeating and sabotaging.
  • The Last 10 Slingshot Method: A revolutionary approach to propel yourself forward instead of eternally “starting over”.
  • The Three Basics for Losing the Last 10 Pounds – SIMPLE, powerful steps for success.
  • Redefining perfection and why it’s not required for lasting change.
  • How these tools can empower you to take better care of yourself and reach your goals without restriction or deprivation.

Join Brenda this week as she shares her expertise, helping you understand the patterns that have kept you stuck for years (or even decades!) so that you can finally arrive to YOUR finish line.

Don’t miss out on this empowering episode, LISTEN NOW.

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