EP. 349- Kinda Satisfied Trap (Power Replay)

This episode is for you if…

  • You start off your day SUPER committed to your weight loss goal.
  • By the end of the day, you feel more like:
    “ehh, whatever” …  “It doesn’t matter” …  “F it. I DON’T CARE anymore”…
  • You find that by the end of your week, you’re over ‘it’ and you lack the motivation to care because you rather enjoy eating something yummy than achieving your goal.

I introduce you… The Kinda Satisfied Trap!

The Kinda Satisfied Trap often looks like feeling really committed in the early part of the day and then just feeling like it’s NOT ‘that important’ by the evening – when you want to enjoy a glass of wine or a ‘treat’ to relax and unwind.

There’s also often a pattern of feeling really ‘motivated’ on the weekdays (M-F), and then on the weekends thinking things like, “It’s fine” … “It’s not that important”… “its too much work” … “oh, who really cares anyway”…

If you can relate to this HOT AND COLD RELATIONSHIP with your weight loss goal, this podcast episode is a MUST LISTEN.

xo Brenda