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EP. 348- My Favorite Secret Strategy for NOT Emotional Eating (Power Replay)

In this episode, I share with you my very favorite secret strategy for NOT emotionally eating or sabotaging.

I used to be the QUEEN of sabotage and emotional eating.
I would go ‘off the rails’ weekly and sabotage my weight loss goals.

Emotional eating and sabotage kept me 20-80 pounds over my desired weight, which was the weight I knew I felt best at.

Once I solved my emotional eating and sabotage, I dropped a total of 80 pounds, and it became SIMPLE to keep the weight off.

Sabotaging myself (and my weight loss results) became a thing of the past.

Make sure to listen to learn all about my Favorite Secret Strategy for NOT Emotional Eating.

It’s simple to implement, and it will change your weight loss results and your life.