EP. 335- Stopping Sabotage – Freedom in the Grayscale

If you find yourself sabotaging your weight loss progress, listen to this entire episode from start to finish.

This episode is for you…

  • If you go ‘on’ a diet and then ‘off’ a diet. And when you’re ‘on’ the diet, you lose weight – when you’re ‘off’ the diet, you gain weight: this episode is for you.
  • If you go from eating ‘perfectly on plan’ to saying ‘eff-it’ and then overeating and sabotaging your weight loss progress: this episode is for you.
  • If you already know (or you’re starting to understand) that you have ALL-OR-NOTHING thinking when it comes to how you eat, and you keep going from one extreme to the other of ‘dieting’: this episode is for you.

I teach you the answer to stopping sabotage:
The Grayscale.

It’s a strategy you’ve never heard of anywhere else.


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