EP. 334- Carnitas, Mole Y Caldo: How to Stop Overeating and Follow Any Damn Food Plan You Want

In this episode, Brenda explains how it’s possible to Stop Overeating so that you can follow ANY damn food plan you want (AND create the weight loss results you want!).

There’s a difference between ‘dieting’ and Stopping Overeating — understanding this difference was essential for losing 80 pounds and keeping it off — while still deeply enjoying the foods she loves.

As women, we’ve been taught that losing ‘the last 10’ pounds is about being ‘more strict’, leaving women feeling restricted and deprived.

I want you to know that feeling deprived isn’t required in order to Stop Overeating and effectively lose weight.

Tune in to learn more about what’s actually required to Stop Overeating, and be able to do so in a way where you completely TRUST YOURSELF, allowing you to enjoy food more than ever.

xo Brenda

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