EP. 318- Advanced Techniques: Thought Clouds

Even though your weight loss goal is SO important to you, you seem to go ‘off track’ with cravings, when it’s been a long week, or when you’re feeling like nothing is working. (hey sister, I get it. I’ve been there!)

Having coached HUNDREDS of smart women, I’ve observed that there’s a couple things that tend to steer women AWAY from making the decisions necessary to achieve their weight loss goals:

 – Intense Cravings
 – Self-Doubt and Declining Motivation (i.e. ‘I’ve never been able to do this before’… ‘it’s taking too long’…’it’s been a hard week’)

HOWEVER, (the good news!) …

THERE IS A TECHNIQUE that will make even the most intense cravings and self-doubt feel completely insignificant, which in turn allows you TO STAY OPTIMALLY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOAL and actually achieve it.

-YES, even in the face of cravings.
-YES, even in the face of the most stressful day.
-YES, even in the face of those emotional moments when you wonder if losing weight is actually possible for you, and thinking that it’s taking too damn long, or you start to question if there’s actually something wrong with you.

There IS a technique.


LISTEN NOW to learn this technique for yourself.


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