EP. 293- Radical Self Trust

This week on the podcast I’m teaching you the important concept of: RADICAL SELF-TRUST.

If you’re committed to putting an end to The Struggle – these 2 ingredients WILL be necessary.

Creating lasting transformation and change (the kind of weight loss that lasts more than a few measly weeks) requires being honest with yourself about ANYTHING that isn’t working.

RADICALLY TRUSTING YOURSELF in the process of determining what DOES work (for YOU).

Most people believe that what they need to do ‘better’ in order to successfully and sustainably  lose weight is to ‘be more disciplined’ (especially the last 10 pounds!). I STRONGLY DISAGREE.

I’ve coached HUNDREDS of women over the past 5+ years inside of my LAST 10 Program.

I’ve had front row seats to their transformational journeys and here’s what never fails to be true:

‘More discipline’ NEVER WORKED for ANY of them (including me!).
Even after DECADES of attempts approaching the problem with discipline as ‘the solution’ – it never was.

INSTEAD → If you want to lose this weight AND be done feeling like you’re in a constant battle with your body and with food, what’s actually necessary is:

Radical Self Honesty and Radical Self Trust.

{ NO MATTER your chosen food approach }

In my own journey of figuring ALL of this out and creating this area of my life into something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE-

I tried things that had my body gain weight.

I tried things that had my body lose weight.

And everything in between.

There was only one way to figure out exactly what worked for ME (MY BODY, MY LIFE) and Radical Self Trust was THE THING that was required in this process (not ‘more discipline’).

Radical Self Trust is what finally allowed me (and SO many of my clients) to finally lose the weight I had been struggling to lose for decades — truly — on my own terms.

>> What exactly IS Radical Self Trust?

>> How exactly do you ‘DO’ Radical Self Trust?

I break it ALL down in this episode for you.

Get ready to up-level your weight loss in a way you probably can’t even imagine (*yet).