Ep. 291- Neutrality of Eating

[If you struggle with emotional eating and any kind of overeating or sabotage.
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It’s really  important that we do not vilify emotional eating.

*IF *  you decide that you want to change some of your eating/emotional eating habits, your focus must shift to understanding your behaviors (vs. judging them).

Once you UNDERSTAND your behaviors, you can DECIDE TO CHANGE your decision-making (ie. emotional eating) * IF *  you want to.

(…and to whatever degree that YOU want to!)

Notice the choice. NOTICE THE NEUTRALITY.

The way to empower and transform this area of your life (food/weight/body) is to recognize the choice and neutrality in ALL of it.

Once you integrate and apply this teaching of NEUTRALITY to any of your existing emotional eating habits — this ONE shift in your approach — will completely revolutionize your weight loss experience AND YOUR RESULTS.

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