EP. 270- LETTING IT BE GOOD [Maintaining Weight loss Results]

Do you know how to SUSTAIN and ENJOY your weight loss results with ease once you’ve created them?

Do you know how to KEEP and HAVE your results – for as long as you want – once you’ve achieved them?

Most women don’t know how to do this.

(I was the same btw! I would lose and gain the same 30-50 pounds over and over. exhausting!)

What I breakdown in this weeks podcast episode is the answer to one of the TOP QUESTIONS I GET:
‘Brenda I know how to LOSE weight, but I can’t freakin figure out how to keep it off- help me!’

If any of that resonates with YOU-

Then listen, sister. I created this episode just for you.

There’s ONE SKILL you’re gonna have to grow.

There’s just no way around it.

Growing this ONE SKILL put an end to me re-gaining weight (and I had been regaining weight FOR DECADES like it was my damn job!)

This skill will help YOU keep, ENJOY and sustain the weight loss results you’ve worked so diligently to create-