EP. 261- BODY ASSOCIATION [The Kryptonite for Emotional Overeating]

Today I’m introducing you to the KRYPTONITE that will weaken and destroy any emotional overeating and sabotaging habits. :boom::no_entry_sign:

Millions of women around the world internally struggle with emotional over-eating and sabotage (sometimes, even D-A-I-L-Y !)

My mission is to get you equipped with EVERYTHING you’re needing in order to create the habits and results that you’ve been wanting, but struggling to create.

Ok, so here’s how it goes down:
You set a goal. You say to yourself: ‘ok, this is really it!’.
You say to yourself you’re NOT gonna overeat, you’re NOT gonna sabotage this anymore because you really want this.
You say to yourself that you’re gonna follow your ‘plan’ for your weight loss.

And then…
Later that week (or even later that day!) —> You overeat. YOU EMOTIONALLY OVEREAT & YOU SABOTAGE YOUR DESIRED WEIGHT LOSS, YET AGAIN.

I understand this emotionally draining and viscous cycle all-too well, because I lived in it for 2 decades. I know it first hand. IT’S EXHAUSTING.

One of the MOST common questions I get is:

Well, in this podcast episode I’m teaching you the KRYPTONITE to weaken and destroy emotional overeating.

Specifically, you’ll learn the concept of BODY ASSOCIATION and I’m deconstructing this for you in a brand new way that will grant you access into a new and upgraded possibility for your weight loss results AND your life.

BODY ASSOCIATION. Sound simple, yes. But do NOT underestimate or overlook it- it is NECESSARY to have as your foundation in order to create lasting change.

When you integrated and develop ‘body association’ as a skill IT‘LL BE ONE OF THE MOST SIMPLE YET POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE THINGS EVER DO.

This approach will have your weight loss feeling: SIMPLE.

*IF *  you are willing to integrate this foundational approach…Get ready to be done with the sabotage.

Get ready to be done with the ‘eff-it’ moments and the emotional overeating.

Get ready to be D-O-N-E with the struggle.

Get ready to ENJOY the kind of weight loss results and experience you’ve been wanting (HELLO RESULTS, GOODBYE STRUGGLE!).

You absolutely deserve to LOVE this area of your life and YES, it IS possible when you develop THIS skillset.

You do NOT wanna miss this one.