EP. 259- Creating YOUR Before & After.

In order to change your life, and CREATE YOUR DESIRED BEFORE & AFTER (in ANY area of our lives, INCLUDING weight loss) you have to BE WILLING to let the creation of your ‘before-and-after’ take time.

PATIENCE is REQUIRED for creating this kind of next-level transformation.

Now listen, before you give me a bit of an eye roll and think to yourself ‘Yea I know, I know Brenda, be patient bla bla bla’ ….

This episode isn’t gonna be your standard, run-of-the-mill ‘patience lecture’-

I’m teaching you some brand new concepts (including: microwave results analogy and my newest lemon tree anecdote!)  in order to really deconstruct THE SKILL OF PATIENCE for you in a brand-new, fresh way.

This is an in-depth break down of WHAT IT MEANS TO ‘LET THINGS TAKE TIME‘,  HOW TO DO IT, and why it’s essential for the creation of YOUR before & after.

If YOU are wanting to create a before & after, PATIENCE AS A SKILL, will be required. So let’s make sure you’re fully equipped for that!