EP. 254- Self pity vs Self Compassion (How Compassion can elevate your experience, AND accelerate your results)

You’ve heard sooo many of my clients share their stories on the podcast, you’ve read about their transformations and how they rave about their experience.

You’ve literally heard it in their voices as they share…

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that a consistent common denominator is this:

→ They’ve learned how to be kind to themselves, and actually supportive OF themselves >>>  which is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what most of us learn as women: to be constantly critical and ‘never good enough’.

I’ve talked about emotional eating MANY times on the podcast, but today we’re zero-ing in on a really important one, that deserves its very own episode: SELF PITY.

I can’t even tell you HOW MANY TIMES I emotionally over-ate and sabotaged my goals DUE TO FEELING SELF PITY.

Self pity about my weight, self pity about my body, self pity about relationship stuff, work stuff (the list goes on!)… or even just self pity about my life in general. And whenever I felt this way, I didn’t know any other thing to do, but to eat about it as a temporary means for distraction.

THIS is the case for most women. It completely explains WHY it’s possible for someone to know exactly ‘what to do’ to lose the weight, but then emotionally eat to the point of even regaining all the weight they’ve lost. Because when it comes to emotions like this one, we just haven’t known any other way… UNTIL NOW 😉

I can remember SO CLEARLY moments of my life where I TRULY felt and believe that:
-Food was the only ‘good thing’ in my life.
– Food (specifically, popcorn at the end of the day…) was the ONLY thing to ‘look forward to’.This is something that comes up A LOT as I’m coaching my clients inside THE LAST 10 Program.

One of the skills you’ve heard me talk about before (but I break down in this episode in a new way) is: EMOTIONAL COURAGE.

In this Episode I specifically examine Self-pity as part of our human emotional experience- HOW to navigate that. We take an even  closer, microscopic look at Self-Pity vs Self-Compassion, and moreover HOW TO ACTUALLY OFFER YOURSELF COMPASSION IN YOUR MOST CHALLENGING MOMENTS as a wayyyyy more effective strategy. (pro tip: Self-compassion is a powerful antidote for self-sabotage!)

For me, Compassion is like being able to offer LOVE from myself TO MYSELF in moments when I’m feeling MOST uncomfortably challenged. HAVING THIS SKILL CHANGED THE COURSE OF MY LIFE. (not to mention, I also stopped rage eating which means I now maintain an 80 pound weight loss with ease, and joy and love…)

I share a personal example and story from when I navigated being a brand new mom, and that infamous newborn stage. It was one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done, it involved BOTH self-pity AND compassion.

The game-changer was honing in on the difference between the two, developing the ability to generate self-compassion FOR YOURSELF, while also allowing for some self-pity as needed.

So… if you find yourself feeling like ‘food is the only thing to look forward to’ at the end of your day, your week, or overall right now in your life-

Put in your earbuds. RELAX. ENJOY. And take in this powerful, game-changing message.


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