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TheLast10-Black (1)

2024 New Year Exclusive Offer

WEEKLY * LIVE * COACHING SUPPORT (LIVE coaching calls including Cravings & Emotions Clinic, Last 10 Coaching, Open Coaching multiple times per week - Replays Available)

LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE LAST 10 TRADEMARKED CURRICULUM (The most empowering, comprehensive and holistic curriculum in the industry - and you won't find anything like it anywhere else!)

6 MONTHS UNLIMITED ACCESS TO PERSONALIZED COACHING (when I say UNLIMITED access to the most expert support, I mean it!)

THE LAST 10 TOOLS (you'll become fully equipped with tools for Cravings, Emotions, Habits, Sabotage and deprivation-free weight loss to achieve your weight goals the way you’ve always deserved)

24 HOUR EXCLUSIVE BONUS: PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS WITH BRENDA MONTHLY. Yup that’s right. I said monthly. I’ve never offered this before, and I may never over it again. You’ll meet with me one-on-one each month to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals. But not ‘only’ that. I’m all about your weight goals being achieved in a way that feels LIFE-focused and actually enriches your life. Our coaching won’t just be about keeping you ‘on track’ (that’s the minimum). We’re raising the bar on weight loss, and you will be OH-SO deliciously supported to do it in a way that makes your whole life BETTER. Expansive. Empowered. Unstoppable.

Release the Weight Struggle and lose your Last 10 in 2024


During this special offer, gift yourself the weight loss transformation
you’ve been wanting (and deserve!)

This one-time exclusive bonus is ONLY available for the next 24 hours.

You’ll get everything that’s included as part of The Last 10 program, PLUS:


It’s a one-time offer you don’t want to miss.

Meet directly with THE expert.

No more hiding from your dreams.

It’s time to CLAIM the vision you have for your life,
in ALL areas – including
this one.

This Offer Vanishes when the Clock Hits Zero.

Your 24-Hour Bonus Offer

[ Get the 24 hour bonus when you join by Sunday, January 7th at 5pm PST ]


Yup that’s right. I said monthly. I’ve never offered this before, and I may never over it again. You’ll meet with me one-on-one each month to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals. But not ‘only’ that. I’m all about your weight goals being achieved in a way that feels LIFE-focused and actually enriches your life. Our coaching won’t just be about keeping you ‘on track’ (that’s the minimum). We’re raising the bar on weight loss, and you will be OH-SO deliciously supported to do it in a way that makes your whole life BETTER.
Expansive. Empowered. Unstoppable.


What's Included

[how the program works!]

  • You'll learn my LAST 10 trademarked method and EVERYTHING you need to know to finally lose this weight.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Last 10 trademarked curriculum including all video trainings, worksheets, workbooks and more. You'll have your own log-in to the program portal with lifetime access, ongoing.

  • You'll become FULLY EQUIPPED with the Last 10 tools and method,to lose the weight and keep it off (Yes!). Plus, completely UP-LEVEL and transform this area of your life the way you've always dreamed of.

  • You'll have ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED. UNLIMITED ACCESS to LIVE personalized & expert coaching support, including unlimited online coaching support and live coaching calls multiple times a week for the 6 months of the program. You'll be supported each step of the way.

  • In short, you'll be fully equipped with everything you need to know, you'll have ALL the support you need, and you'll have The Last 10 tools and method in-hand to FEEL EMPOWERED in this area of your life for a lifetime.

Most importantly:

You'll finally be able to
create, maintain and ENJOY the weight results YOU LOVE and be done with the mental/emotional struggle.

The Last 10™ Program

Remove the guesswork in this part of your life by being equipped with all the tools you need to stop sabotaging and get all the way to your goal. The exact weight loss results you've always wanted and dreamed of (whether it's 36 lbs or 6 lbs).


  • Be present for your life and enjoy everything you've worked for by ending the ongoing 'weight loss' and food mental chatter that's been stealing from important moments of your life.

  • Lose the weight without worrying about gaining it again because the weight loss happens with the most powerful brain tools, emotional tools, and body tools for lasting change.

  • Feel great in your clothes, and actually enjoy shopping!

  • No longer experience restriction or deprivation. Having the confidence to say YES to your favorite home cooking or dessert on date night without batting an eye. Because you trust yourself, thinking: 'I GOT THIS, I know EXACTLY how to enjoy without sabotaging" - That's The Last 10 Strategy, sister!

  • Reclaim the mental space, energy and peace that battling with yourweight and emotional eating are costing you every day/every week/every month/ every year. Being able to invest ALL of that back into your life however your heart desires.

  • Feel comfortable and confident in your body the way you've always wanted to so you can savor EVERY LITTLE MOMENT in your life without limitations.

  • Have total clarity in this area of your life. You'll learn how to hack your own mind and create and maintain weight loss results that you LOVE with ease.

  • Fully trust yourself in ALL kinds of social eating situations- SO IMPORTANT because you deserve to enjoy your time with family, friends, holidays, special occasions and travel around the world, knowing you have the ability to maintain your results.

  • Experience a total upgrade! Instead of dreading this area of your life. You'll LOVE the relationship with yourself, your body and food: you'll know exactly how to follow-through on what you really want in your life and have your own back, better than ever.

  • Understand WHAT to eat, but also WHY you eat, and how to make the best choices that work for YOUR body and your life in a way that feels empowering.

This is exactly what my program is designed to do!


The Last 10 Method is a brain-based approach to weight loss that takes into account your entire being. You'll learn Emotional Processing Tools, Somatic Tools, Nervous System Tools - and you'll get step-by-step strategy too! Because we take your whole being into account, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to lose your last 10. *This is how you'll stop emotional eating and be done struggling with weight and food for good.


Listen to each video to hear real women share why The Last 10 Program was right for them.

She created Freedom from Emotional Eating and lost 24 pounds

She came to the program to lose 8 pounds & ended up dropping 20! After 40 years of struggle…

She figured out exactly what she needed and no longer felt defective - lost 17 pounds.

She lost 25 pounds and landed her dream job…

She lost 30 pounds, but not ONLY that…

She lost 10 physical pounds and over 100 pounds in emotional weight…

the last 10

Success Stories

"I had all the knowledge it takes to lose weight - literally, I knew the science of weight loss (I'm a doctor!) and I knew the skill of life coaching (I'm a life-coach!) but yet I still struggled to lose weight.

I also knew what I wanted for myself and I never gave up; the 20 years that I struggled was preparing me for this moment, for this program.

I lost 23 pounds that had felt impossible!

What I was not expecting from this program was FINALLY LEARNING HOW TO UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE MYSELF and be my own best friend. BEST. PROGRAM. EVER."



Physician, Life Coach
& Mom, Lost 23 pounds

minta testimonial



"This program changed my life. I have spent most of my life feeling uncomfortable in my body and wishing I was smaller. I joined Brenda's program 2 months postpartum, heavier than I had ever been in my life and so sick of trying every diet and exercise plan out there.


After joining, I was able to lose the weight-50 lbs to be exact-all while navigating a pandemic, working as a pediatrician, and figuring out life as a new mom. She helped me find my inner confidence, trust in my abilities and lose weight from a place of true self-love.
If you're frustrated with where you're at and know in your heart that you're meant for so much more than this weight loss struggle- I couldn't recommend her more.


You don't have to do this alone. She knows the challenges, makes time to understand you as an individual, is super relatable and will change your life if you go all in. I honestly feel that everyone needs a Brenda. She's THAT good. Take this leap of faith."

"My belief in my abilities to change this area of my life was seriously zero for almost TWO DECADES. Even when loved ones would try to encourage me or remind me of other areas where I have accomplished awesome things, I would just tell them they didn't understand. This was different. The traditional books, programs, and therapy didn't work for me.


Nothing seemed to work for me. But it turns out. I was just missing this. I was missing the tools that I've learned in The Last 10. I only wish I could have made this investment in myself 17 years ago. It would have saved me a mountain of heartache and pain.


If you're struggling now, you really don't need to be in that pain any longer. Give yourself this gift. Your future self will thank you for it."

Group 226-1


Entrepreneur, Lost 47 Pounds

The Last 10™ Method


When you enroll in THE LAST 10™ Program…

here's how you will lose the weight that you want 10 pounds at a time:


This is the key for stopping sabotage. You'll learn how to change your thinking so that you no longer keep repeating the same sabotaging and limiting behaviors. So that you can travel the world, go on vacation, and enjoy your weekends without constantly gaining weight.


This is the key to stopping emotional eating. You'll learn how to allow and experience any human emotion. When you can navigate your emotions, there's no need to eat because of them. You'll be able to have the best of days and worst of days and not take it out on your body.


This is the key for weight loss (and maintenance) without feeling deprived or putting yourself on another 'diet.' You'll learn the skill of True Choice and be able to make food decisions on a daily basis feeling smart, empowered, and like its no-big-deal to eat the way you want for the results you want. Yes, even with your busy schedule!

You'll finally enjoy results YOU love AND FREEDOM from the weight struggle.

The Last 10™ Curriculum

Month One


Foundations: The Last 10 Basic Formula, Authority Mindset & True Choice

1.5 - Understanding Your Role In Your Weight Loss



Managing your Mindset as you lose weight [Mental Flexibility]

2.5 - How to change ANY Habit & Stop ANY Craving in its tracks



How to Stay Committed and Patient to hit your weight loss goal

3.5 - Cultivating the Belief that you can achieve your goal



Desire & Cravings: Manage your cravings without shaming yourself

4.5 - 'Life Focused' Approach: How to stop focusing on food and lose weight even more effectively

Month Two


How to Master Emotional Eating

5.5 - Better Than Happy: Harnessing Emotional Courage as a skill for weight loss

5.75 - Tools for Processing Emotions (even on your hardest days)



Solution Focused Mindset: how to never get 'stuck' again and continue having breakthroughs

6.5 - Strategic Integration of Pleasure & Joy: Losing weight by increasing pleasure outside of food (not depriving yourself)



How to leverage 100% Confidence to get to your goal

7.5 - The Zero Struggle Formula: How to lose weight (and maintain it) without the mental or emotional struggle



Motivation 101: How to stay motivated ALL the way to your goal

8.5 - THE LAST 10™ Method: master losing the weight you want without feeling deprived or dieting | Value-Based Decision Making for sustainable results

Month Three


Social Eating 101: How to enjoy food at social gatherings without sabotaging your goals 



Releasing Food Guilt & Perfection to release your last 10 pounds

10.5 - Goal Relationship: How to stop being in a hurry and Stop Sabotaging your goal



Mastering Holidays, Vacations, Travel, and Weekends without sabotaging your weight loss



Never 'diet' again: How to be the expert of your body for weight loss and maintenance (*Feminine Hormones, Nutrition, and Food strategy)

12.5 - True Empowered Weight Loss [Physical Autonomy]

Month Four


How to lose weight (and maintain) while still honoring important Food Memories & Traditions



Unconditional Body Confidence [Unapologetic Body]: How to detach your confidence from a number on the scale

14.5 - The Joy & Benefits of Body Movement [The Last 10 Approach]



Loving the Journey while you lose weight



The Science of Goal Completion: how to get unstuck with your weight loss goal and break through any plateau

Month Five


Taking True Ownership of Pleasure with Food for weight loss and maintenance



The Skill Set of Satisfaction (vs Dissatisfaction) for a lasting transformation



The Art of Terminating 'The Struggle': How to be DONE with the weight struggle (both in your measurable results and your experience)



The LAST 10™ Maintenance Strategy

Month Six


Creating your life (moving forward) while losing or maintaining your weight



Unapologetic Style And Body Confidence: Love Dressing YOUR Body



How to leverage your weight loss to achieve ANY goal that you desire



Enjoying Your Epic Life (without weight ever being a struggle!)


Losing 8 pounds or 40 pounds (it doesn't matter if it's 8 pounds nagging at you or more- whatever results YOU want, I'm here to help you get it).

You might not even wanna lose more weight… but you still feel like you're in a daily mental tug-a-war relationship with food and wanna change that (wondering why the unicorns didn't magically appear when you arrived at your goal weight…yup. I've been there too.)

OMG YES. There are tons of examples of clients that have transformed their lives (and results) in The Last 10 Program. Check out this page to see the countless examples of women (from all over the world) that created weight loss results they had previously struggled to achieve for decades. You can read through client testimonials, and you can even listen to FULL audio interviews -- and hear about the priceless experience from my clients themselves.

Not too long ago, they were feeling stuck and disillusioned, just like you. But they gave themselves this opportunity. Imagine what's possible for you…

Yes! What you just described in your question was precisely me! I knew what kinds of foods would allow me to lose weight, but then I would have cravings or emotionally eat and sabotage my progress.

In The Last 10 Program, you will learn how to navigate ANY emotion so that you can stop eating emotionally. You will become a PRO at processing emotions. In fact, we even have weekly Emotions Clinics where we walk you through processing emotions step-by-step as much as you need.

You will also learn techniques to decondition ANY habit -- no matter how long you've been doing the same thing, you can rewire your brain with the right tools in hand.

You'll love the program, and I look forward to supporting you!

OMG, yes. Absolutely. You've come to the right place.

My expertise, our coaching structure, and The Last 10 curriculum teaches you how to master emotional eating. We don't like to pretend as if there's a 'future time' in life where everything is unicorns and rainbows.

Instead, we believe that life will always be made up of a mixed bag of emotions. For that reason, our clients become freaking ninjas when it comes to emotions.

Check out what past clients have shared:

"I'm now capable of experiencing life without emotionally eating. Even when life is challenging. I embrace it." - Last 10 Client, 28 pounds lost

"I am no longer afraid of my emotions. I know I can handle whatever comes my way!" - Last 10 Client, 35 pounds lost

When you feel equipped to handle any emotion, you'll no longer have to eat about them. And you'll lose weight as a result.

We can't wait to support you with your weight loss goals!

NO. In fact, I recommend that you don't. Inside the Last 10 Program, you will decondition diet thinking, and you will be able to make empowered decisions with food that will create the weight loss results that you're wanting (without 'dieting').

In the program, you'll get the teachings, tools, skills, and coaching support necessary to stop any overeating, emotional eating and/or sabotaging habits in order to create your desired weight loss results. 

Short answer: OH, HECK YES.

Longer answer:
Even *IF* you are already a coach, doctor, therapist or have already done a lot of 'personal development' or are well versed in brain-based approaches or other cognitive-behavioral teachings:

You will still have breakthrough after breakthrough inside this program.

I have had TONS (and I do mean TONS) of clients that are literally CERTIFIED themselves as life coaches (*including master coaches). I've had clients that are physicians, personal trainers, health coaches, therapists, psychologists, and even nutritionists come into the program and learn SO MUCH and FINALLY be able to transform this area of their life.

Here are a couple of examples of what past clients have shared:

"I'm a coach too, but Brenda really dialed in how to apply the tools in a way that I have NOT yet experienced. SIGN UP!"  - Jennifer, LAST 10 Client

"MY MIND IS BLOWN. I am a Nutritionist and a Trainer and have been for 8 years - and I have NEVER in all my courses and mentorship programs come across SUCH POWERFUL TOOLS!! Brenda's way of explaining things is PHENOMENAL. I am so excited and can already see the value in the $$$ in just this 1 MODULE. I got teary just thinking about it... Seriously amazing tools!!!' - Natalie, Last 10 Client

Yes! I know this very well because THIS was me.
(And this is also so many of my clients!)

I knew exactly how to lose weight, but maintaining the weight loss felt impossible because I would inevitably feel deprived and restricted, or I would have an intense craving, or I would think 'eff it' and overeat when life felt extra hard. I would sabotage and regain a bunch of the weight that I had lost.

Once I learned how to stop sabotaging, I never again regained the 80 pounds I lost.

Once I learned how to stop sabotaging, I was able to lose the weight I wanted to lose - including my last 10 pounds.

During the six months of the program, sabotaging will become a thing of the past. (Yup! We'll walk you through deconditioning perfectionism, which is at the heart of sabotage).

And for those moments when you're feeling deprived and experiencing intense cravings, you will learn how to navigate ANY craving.

In fact, we have weekly Cravings Clinics where a trained Last 10 coach walks you through your cravings step-by-step, using our Last 10 process as often as you need. By the time you complete the program, you'll be a PRO at navigating cravings so that you can maintain and enjoy your results like a boss.

You're going to love the program. I designed it specifically for these issues.
You'll be expertly supported in overcoming this and be able to enjoy your weight loss in a way that feels like a perfect fit for your life.

I look forward to supporting you!

I completely get it. For many years I had this secret battle with myself where I deeply wanted to lose weight, yet I would never admit it to a soul.

The thing is, I'm a smart cookie, just like you- and I care about women, I care about generational change, and I care about women's empowerment.

The other important part of this was that I also ate emotionally every night.
I knew with certainty that the extra weight on my body that I wanted to lose was a weight that I would most certainly lose if I learned how to take better care of myself mentally and emotionally.

As a daughter of immigrants, my parents did their freaking best to take care of us growing up (and they did amazing!) However, as they worked endlessly to ensure our basic needs were met, 'emotional self-care' was not something I learned.

I had to give myself permission to lose the weight I wanted.

It was a weight that did not feel good on MY body. I gave myself permission to learn new ways of taking care of myself mentally and emotionally.

Losing that weight was a feminist act.


I reclaimed the decisions about my body and doing what felt best for ME, and being able to do that without shame.

To stop the daily sabotaging, I had to DE-condition diet thinking. I also had to decondition perfectionism, and I had to decolonize my mind.

My life expanded.

I could start using the brain real estate previously taken up by 'the weight struggle' and reallocate it to a bigger vision.

And if that wasn't enough: I also 10x'd my income!

And listen, as a proud Latina and as a woman of color I know what the stats are when it comes to earning. Enough to know that THIS is also: a feminist act.

And it wouldn't have been possible if I didn't first set myself free where I needed it the most: the weight I wanted to lose and felt like I couldn't.

If any of this resonates with you, I have a hunch that YOU are a generational change maker.

And here's what I want to tell you:
Give yourself permission to do what feels best for YOU.

If everything within you yearns for this, follow that desire.

Rest assured that the way we do weight loss inside The Last 10 program is in-and-of-itself an empowerment process.

I can't wait to support you and cheer you on!
You deserve to BE SUPPORTED in this.

Get yourself in here : )