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1. Why you haven’t lost it already

Two words: Commitment and Precision


There’s a huge difference between wanting to do something and committing to do something.  Commitment requires discomfort.  Why?

It will require you to do things you have never done . You will have to take action when you don’t want to and when you don’t ‘feel like it’.  You will need to remain attentive even when you are tired and stressed.  It won’t be easy. You have to expect that it will be hard and embrace the entire process, even when it is hard.  Again, disclaimer: it will not be easy. In fact, losing the last 10 pounds might be one of the hardest thing you ever do, which is exactly why most people never do it.

Think about this question: Do you want to lose 10 pounds?
OR- Are you committed to losing 10 pounds?


You can’t lose the last 10 pounds with moderation or mostly eating healthy.  You have to use precision.  What you have been doing isn’t working, so you can’t keep doing it and expect you will lose more weight. You will have to do things you haven’t been willing to do.  It’s about precision and focus and paying exact attention.   Paying attention to what you eat and everything you do that prevents you from losing the last ten pounds.

Every single thing you eat matters. You will need to be precise in your decisions for why you are eating each thing you put into you body.  If this freaks you out, it’s because you think it will be restrictive and a struggle.

The reality is that precision gives you incredible freedom.  It eliminates the unnecessary food, the unnecessary thoughts about food (“Should I eat this? Should I not eat this?” “I really want to eat this but I shouldn’t”) and of course, it eliminates the unnecessary weight. Precision eliminates all the time wasted on trying to lose the last 10 pounds. Once you can experience this, you will see it’s not restrictive at all, its actually quite amazing to be free of the on-going struggle to lose that weight.

2. Why it’s worth it to lose it

It’s not shallow to want to lose the last ten pounds. It doesn’t mean your vain, anti-feminist, or being hateful of your body. It’s possible to lose the last 10 pounds and love your body at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, you’re going to have to love your body in order to lose the last 10 pounds.  The personal work required to lose the last 10 pounds is profound. It’s powerful to be able to understand how extra and unnecessary food (healthy or unhealthy) is actually preventing you from reaching your highest potential.

Losing the last 10 pounds means you aren’t using food against yourself. You aren’t eating to buffer or numb your emotions, escape boredom, deal with stress or comfort yourself.  It means you have found more emotionally mature and effective ways to care for yourself.

You’ve spent too much time worrying, beating yourself up, waiting, and struggling.  Once you lose this weight, you can move onto bigger more important goals that serve your ultimate purpose and create the life you really desire.

3. How to lose it permanently

There are three main things you have to address if you want to lose the last ten pounds forever.  First, you have to look at your eating and change it. Second, you have to evaluate the hormonal factors that prevent fat loss. Third, you must establish an alternative coping strategy for uncomfortable emotions that led you to eat in the past.

Look at Your Eating and Change It

What you are doing isn’t working.  You keep trying to do the same thing and have the result be different.  This hasn’t worked and it will never work.  Your process may look something like finding a new diet, trying it for a few weeks, but not fully committing and then quitting and starting again.  This hasn’t worked long-term because of the lack of precision, commitment, and your dependence on willpower accompanied by intense feelings of deprivation.  When you attempt a diet and experience on-going feelings of deprivation and restriction, the process cannot be sustainable. It almost always leads to over-eating and sabotaging any progress.

What you must do instead is determine the foods necessary to nourish your body, eliminate the rest, and remain committed with precision.  You’ll be surprised at the amount of food you actually need to feel satisfied, energized and healthily lose the weight. By eliminating all the reasons you eat that aren’t for the purpose of giving your body nutrients, you give it the exact amount it needs to stay at your ideal weight effortlessly.

Download the ULTIMATE GUIDE for losing your last 10 POUNDS

Hormonal Factors that Prevent Weight Loss

Losing weight is not simply about the food, it’s also about your hormone balance.  Especially for women, it’s vital to understand the effect of your daily choices on your hormones.  When your hormones are not balanced, it will be close to impossible to lose the last 10 pounds.

By looking at your sleeping patterns, your stress level and patterns in your menstrual cycle you can determine changes you need to make in order to optimize your hormones for weight loss.  Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, cortisol, insulin, ghrelin, and leptin all play key roles in whether we can get off those last 10 pounds.

Uncomfortable Emotions

One of the main reasons we overeat is to deal with our emotions. Boredom, stress, and anxiety can sometimes drive us to overeat even small amounts that prevent incremental weight loss.  When we don’t have coping strategies to manage these uncomfortable emotions, food is often the nearest and easiest thing to take the edge off.

When you have been doing this type of coping in small ways, it can seem harmless because it may be such small amounts of food and it may even be ‘healthy’ snacks or foods.  But this unnecessary eating is exactly what keeps those last ten pounds on your body.  When you learn how to feel those emotions instead of eating, you can lose the remaining excess fat more easily.

So there you have it.

We covered why you haven’t lost those last pounds, the reasons it’s worth it to lose the last ten pounds, and how to actually do it.  If you apply what you have just learned, you will be much closer to achieving your ideal weight and keeping it off.  If you want more detail on the EXACT steps, make sure you opt in below to get a more detailed guide on actions to begin losing those last 10 pounds now.

Download the ULTIMATE GUIDE for losing your last 10 POUNDS