Are you ready to lose your LAST 10 POUNDS but still a little hesitant of making the investment?

Let yourself believe this is possible for you (because it is!).

Be courageous and take your NEXT STEP.

Check out what real clients have to say about the program:

Check out what real clients have to say about the program:

  • "My biggest fear was 'what if this doesn't work?' and was this just another program like so many others. However, thanks to Brenda's expertise & coaching, I started losing weight the very first week and also began to identify the beliefs that slowed me down in reaching my goal of losing weight".

    N.B., PR Firm CEO
  • "It was incredibly satisfying is to see results quickly and know that Brenda is looking at everything I was eating to tweak if necessary. She can quickly make an analysis and see what we need to change for results. Also, I loved knowing that she really cares. Knowing that she is completely dedicated to my success was amazing".

    L.S., New Mom
  • "THE MOST WONDERFUL SURPRISE: losing 22 pounds without effort! & getting back my previous silhouette! Finally wearing my favorite clothes that I was dying to get back into!"

    N.B., PR Firm CEO
  • "Brenda is SMART. She quickly identified the beliefs I had that were holding me back. She came up with some changes to my diet that helped me eat healthier and also finally achieve my goal weight".

    J.S., Wellness Coach
  • "Brenda is a real professional and she really knows the hormonal struggles that women face with their bodies. She has real, tangible, and easy solutions for women in menaupose who want to lose weight."

    N.B., PR Firm CEO
  • "Brenda is a no-nonsense, but encouraging & supportive weight loss coach. She is straightforward, knowledgeable and assertive- showing you exactly what you are doing that is keeping you stuck. While also being empathetic, an avid non-judgemental listener. Really creating that nurturing space for change to happen. Even as a medical professional I was able to learn a lot from her and lost over 20 pounds while completing her program."

    C.C, Psychiatrist M.D.
  • "I was feeling very deprived, resentful and restricted. Now I feel confident and I love my way of eating that gets me the result I want".

    L.L, Graduate Student & ABA Therapist
  • "Working with Brenda has completely changed my way of looking at nutrition. I finally understand what is good for me and the reasons why. I eat 3 meals a day and I do not have any craving between meals. I feel completely satiated, I'm at my goal weight, and I'm happy !!"

    N.B., PR Firm CEO
  • "Brenda’s approach works! I am the living proof! I was desperate and could not find anyone, not even my doctor- to tell me how to lose weight during menaupose. With Brenda, I lost 22 pounds!!"

    N.B., PR Firm CEO
  • "At first, it might seem like a lot of money, but how much more time do you want to spend struggling? And how much money are you ready to spend to buy new clothes that actually fits you because of your weight gain? Or if you're like me, I was even considering surgery to lose weight and other more expensive and invasive options. To me, the money spent on coaching is money saved!

    S.P., Small Business Owner

If you’ve made it this far down the page, I KNOW you are really considering this program but maybe a little afraid…”will this work?” …”Is this actually going to work for me?”…”Maybe it worked for other’s, but nothings has ever worked for me.’

MY BEFORE (Brenda's Story)

Trust me. I get it. I was once where you are. Skeptical? Check out this picture of me at 197lbs. I was overweight. I hated my body. I knew what was “healthy” but I didn’t know how to change my behavior. And even when I changed my behavior, those last 10 pounds were ridiculously stubborn, yet again, causing lots of frustration and even resentment.

MY AFTER (Brenda's Story)

But check me out now. I’m at my ideal goal weight. I love my life. I love my lifestyle & food choices. I feel amazing in my body. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO. You don’t have to keep struggling. I can show you how to be the #boss of the results in your weight loss and feel extremely empowered about it.

Let yourself believe this is possible for you (because it is!).

Be courageous and take your NEXT STEP.


On this personalized one-on-one call, I’ll tell you exactly what you’re doing that’s keeping you stuck (clarity!) and I’ll give you clear instruction on how to overcome that (more clarity!).

I’LL ALSO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT MY 12-WEEK PROGRAM, and if it’s the perfect fit, and ONLY then, we’ll get you started!

I can’t wait to talk to you soon!