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‘THE LAST 10 POUNDS’ SYSTEM in 100 words

Once upon a time a young woman (Brenda) struggled with her weight for over 17 years (especially the last 10lbs!). The battle felt endless. She was frustrated, exhausted, confused. She felt incompetent. Nearly losing the belief that it was possible for her to feel good and live her life at a weight she loved. “Why is it so hard to lose this weight” she wondered.

She was determined to figure it out and vowed that once she did, she would help other women have what she dreamed of, weight loss that was- Simple. Permanent & Deprivation-free. & so she did! She discovered & strategically designed a process where a women knows: EXACTLY HOW TO GET THE RESULTS SHE WANTS, feels confident about HOW TO KEEP THEM- & CAN DO SO EFFORTLESSLY. All while actually feeling good. Empowered. Voilà, ‘The Last 10 Pounds’ system is born.

Meet Brenda

Hey! I’m Brenda.
As a weight loss professional I am:

➦ Master Certified Life & Weight loss Coach.

➦ Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

➦ Creator of ‘THE LAST 10’ SYSTEM:
a smart & comprehensive approach with the mission of empowering millions of women to end their weight struggle. Permanently.

➦ Educator.
My coaching approach is based on my core belief that education is what leads to empowerment and true sustainable change.

➦ Trainings & Certifications:
Women’s Hormone Wellness & Nutrition, Whole Foods Cuisine & Functional Nutrition, Macronutrient Nutrition for Effective Weight loss.

Most importantly, I am a woman.
A woman, who has struggled with my weight and knows very well what it feels like to feel dissatisfied with my body & frustrated with my weight. (Can you believe I used to weigh 197lbs?!) All together I lost over 70 pounds, and have successfully kept it off, but without a doubt- THE LAST 10 pounds were the toughest!

When I finally discovered a process that helped me rapidly shed the weight, as well as the limiting beliefs & habits that kept me stuck, I knew I had to share it with other women who shared my same struggle.

I am absolutely ecstatic to finally be in a place where I no longer struggle with my weight. At all. I dropped the last bit of it and maintain my ideal weight with ease. With this simple strategic approach & the right tools- I have completely & permanently transformed my results, and guess what? So can you.

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